Exploring The first NFT marketplace on the Litecoin network with my first collection dedicated to the Mighty Mia Event #dancingforjoy + Quick Sign up and funding tutorial

As one true OG  Litecoin   enthusiast, I wanted to test the site, or better, the NFT marketplace  since its launch in 2022. At first, I claimed Litecoin Summit collectors NFT. But, for several reasons, the test of minting my first NFT got a bit delayed. But now I finally have the time and the need to make use of it for a larger cause. I am sad I procrastinated a little. As it would have been a great honor to be the first one to give it a try, but given my lack of technical skills to use just code to mint outside of a marketplace, waiting was a great idea since the site is super user-friendly and it's quality has improved considerably. I would say is ready for the mainstream. Minting on it or acquiring an NFT on the Litecoin network is now a Piece of cake! In this article I will describe my experience, the reason why my first series of NFTs was created, and most importantly the advantages and disadvantages of creating an nft (Non-fungible Token) or an nft

Airdrop - Apollo (APL)

Airdrop - ExperCoin (EXPR)

Airdrop - JSEcoin (JSE)

Airdrop - MetaHash (MHC)

Airdrop - GabroTech (GBO)

Airdrop - Pchain (PAI)

Airdrop - BlockManson (BCPT)

Airdrop - MiracleTele (TELE)

Airdrop - FluzFluz (FFC)

Instrução como navegar o site da Tokendrops. Cripto Airdrops Fácil, Campanha de Recompensa

Airdrop - KureCoin (KRC)

Airdrop - War Field (GLDR)

Airdrop - Liquid8 (LQ8)

Airdrop - CryptoSolarEnergy (CST)

Airdrop - Cremit (CMRT)

Introdução ao Canal MamãeCrypto! Pois esse canal é sim uma NOVIDADE!

Airdrop - Barrel (BRL)

Airdrop - Ligercoin (LIC)

Airdrop - BrainerZ (BRNZ)

Airdrop - Worldex (WDX)

Airdrop - Token Changer (TOC)

Airdrop - Havven (nUSD)

ICO - Cyclean (CCL) - Uma projeto criado para promover o uso de energia clean

Airdrop - Cloud Blockchain Routing (CBR)

Airdrop - Pink Taxi (PT)

Airdrop - Winiota (WIT)

Aonde Encontrar Airdrops? Lista de campanhas de recompensa que oferecem cripto moedas.

Airdrop - Zeon (ZNC)

Airdrop - Investa (INV)

ICO - VEIAG TOKEN (VEAIG) - Uma cripto moeda garantida por Ouro

Como eu armazeno minhas cripto moedas. Carteiras wallets que uso para guardar Bitcoin e Altcoins

Airdrop - Inscoin (INSC)

Airdrop - Wank Coin (WKC)


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Exploring The first NFT marketplace on the Litecoin network with my first collection dedicated to the Mighty Mia Event #dancingforjoy + Quick Sign up and funding tutorial

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