Celebrating 1 month on LRBY Platform - 100 Verified followers

I recorded this video recently simply to thank the LBRY Community for the amazing support that I received in my first month building my channel! Joining the LBRY community has proved to be a great choice because of your support. And I cannot wait to continue to grow together.

Thank you for the Follow! Love, Mammycrypto.
To learn more details on how to get started on LBRY and start earning LBC rewards I recommend watching this tutorial:

Also if are looking into joining the LRBY platform make sure to sign up for the LBRY platform using my invite link https://lbry.tv/$/invite/@mammycrypto:c.  Know that by doing so you are supporting this channel with few LBC tokens at no cost to you. You will also receive a LBC bonus that you otherwise wouldn't if you sign up without an invite link.
Thank you so much for stopping by.
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Airdrop - Investa (INV)

Investa (INV)

1. Assistir e curtir o video de instruções para o airdrop: Video
2. Se inscrever no grupo brasileiro do telegram e ao entrar escrever a frase: "Eu Gosto da idéia por trás desse projeto
3. Cadastrar no site da Investa aonde você receberá suas moedas INV: Site 

(regras: apenas para novos membros do grupo então se você já está cadastrado no site da investe infelizmente não vai poder fazer parte desse airdrop promocional especial para o canal MamãeCrypto)

Valor estimado: 15(INV) = $15 Dólares

Termina: 30 de Junho de 2018

Voltar para página de AIRDROPS


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