How to Add a Cover Image to Lbry Posts

3 Minute video showcasing  one easy way to add a cover image to your LBRY posts. It is easy and makes your posts super nice! Please note that it takes few minutes for the picture to complete its upload. The picture becomes visible as soon as the LBRY blockchain is updated which happens every few minutes or so.  Check out how the picture looks as it displays in my channel playlist . For more LBRY Tutorials please follow  @MammyCrypto  channel on LBRY.TV or ODYSEE.TV  Also note: This tutorial works on both Lbry and Odysee platforms!  Thank you for watching and being part of this community. All my best, Michelle M links:

Airdrop - Havven (nUSD)

Havven (nUSD) 

Esse airdrop é especifico para quem participou do airdrop da (HAV) ou para que já possui moedas (HAV)

1. Entra na página do airdrop
2. Entrar seu email
3. Entrar seu nome do Telegram
4. Entrar sua carteira ETH que tem no mínimo 25 HAV. 

Valor estimado: Quem participar vai receber 20% do valor de moedas HAV que possui até o máximo de 50nUSD = $50 dólares.

Airdrop Termina: 26 de Junho de 2018



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