Celebrating 1 month on LRBY Platform - 100 Verified followers

I recorded this video recently simply to thank the LBRY Community for the amazing support that I received in my first month building my channel! Joining the LBRY community has proved to be a great choice because of your support. And I cannot wait to continue to grow together.

Thank you for the Follow! Love, Mammycrypto.
To learn more details on how to get started on LBRY and start earning LBC rewards I recommend watching this tutorial:

Also if are looking into joining the LRBY platform make sure to sign up for the LBRY platform using my invite link https://lbry.tv/$/invite/@mammycrypto:c.  Know that by doing so you are supporting this channel with few LBC tokens at no cost to you. You will also receive a LBC bonus that you otherwise wouldn't if you sign up without an invite link.
Thank you so much for stopping by.
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Airdrop - Havven (nUSD)

Havven (nUSD) 

Esse airdrop é especifico para quem participou do airdrop da (HAV) ou para que já possui moedas (HAV)

1. Entra na página do airdrop
2. Entrar seu email
3. Entrar seu nome do Telegram
4. Entrar sua carteira ETH que tem no mínimo 25 HAV. 

Valor estimado: Quem participar vai receber 20% do valor de moedas HAV que possui até o máximo de 50nUSD = $50 dólares.

Airdrop Termina: 26 de Junho de 2018


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