Paypal Dives into Crypto

Paypal announced today, October 21st, 2020 that it will soon enable users to buy, sell, hold and use cryptocurrency. The news is not a surprise since rumors about this integration were already up in the air. What is a surprise is how soon Paypal decided to make it cryptocurrencies available to its 376 million active users worldwide, planning the release for early 2021.I created this video to celebrate the news and to hope for the best. I anticipate that this news will attract a lot of attention to the crypto market and a lot of discussion regarding regulations as well. Truly great to see how far Bitcoin, Litecoin, and other cryptocurrencies have gone. For me, this solidifies the fact that we are continuously heading towards mainstream adoption, despite the hiccups.Hope you enjoyed the quick video. Please share with someone that will enjoy the news as much as we do.All my best,
Michelle M.
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Airdrop - FluzFluz (FFC)

FluzFluz (FFC))

1. Começar o bot do FluzFluz airdrop no telegram ( link participar abaixo)
2. Ler as instruções e selecionar I UNDERSTAND
3. Completar Tarefas (telegram news e telegram community)
4. Submeter seu email e verificar que você terá acesso a essa conta de e-mail nos próximos meses. A token FFC não é ETH e a FluzFluz entrará em contato por email quando for possível coletar as moedas
5. A última pergunta que o bot faz pergunta se você gostaria de comprar a moeda, para quem está interessado apenas no Airdrop a resposta é NO. Após esse passo você receberá uma link de referência que você pode compartilhar por mais tokens.

Valor estimado: $5 dólares

Airdrop Termina: 24 de Julho de 2018 (cota pode esgotar antes)



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