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É hora de se atualizar sobre as principais manchetes de criptomoedas da semana, mas antes disso, vamos refletir. Existe algo positivo sobre o "Bear Market" (Mercado de urso)? Vejo muitas coisas positivas. É válido dizer que o preço caiu, mas a tecnologia não. Continua a evoluir e a trazer inovações que permitirão que esta indústria cresça ainda mais. Na extremidade inferior, os projetos que não são viáveis ​​desaparecem e o mercado seca, deixando apenas projetos viáveis ​​com potencial de crescimento futuro. O desenvolvimento não para. Ele continua e o que se desenvolve durante a recessão é o que gerará os novos hypes do futuro. Vejamos um exemplo, 2018 e 2019 enquanto o mercado corrigia várias tendências surgiram: 1. Fortalecendo a rede Lightning e desenvolvendo produtos e aplicativos que usam Lightning como forma de pagamento. 2. O nascimento das finanças descentralizadas Defi, ex: Uniswap. 3. A tecnologia NFT é levada a outros níveis com a chegada dos marketplaces. 4. Evol

Why so many people download but very few use Brave Browser daily?

Hi there,

If you follow my blog, you probably know that I am a big fan of the Brave browser. And because I am a fan I recommend it OFTEN. The Brave Browser has been very rewarding to me, in the course 1 year and a half use. Once I got adjusted to it and started receiving the rewards, there was no turning back. But, it is a fact the Brave Browser experience is not the same for everyone. For some reason, not everyone who downloads uses the Brave Browser daily and I need your help to figure out why.

Well, how do I know most people download and do not often use it?

I know this as a fact because I have been referring the Brave Browser on this blog since I signed up to become a Brave Publisher. By joining in, I received a referral code for each channel I opened, and over time I have gathered some interesting referral statistics that I will share with you in this article.

First, let me tell you a few facts about the referral program which you should take into account when analyzing my data

1. According to Brave, the rewards program paid out to creators More than $12 million to date!

2. Creators can earn from $1.00 (group 5) up to $7.50 (group 1) in Basic Attention Tokens for qualified referrals that download brave using their referral code and use the browser for 30 days.

3. On Brave Creators Dashboard the number of referrals is showcased in 3 separate categories: 1 Downloaded - 2 Installed - 3 Confirmed

4. A referral is only confirmed and credited to the creator after the person who clicked on the referral link completes all 3 steps above which include to download, to install, and to use it the browser for 30 days.

Initially, I thought everyone would adjust to the Brave browser (referral link) as well as I did but statistics prove that a very low percentage of people who download the browser, install it and use it. When you look at my July 2020 Stats out of 24 people who downloaded the app following my referral link, only 4 completed the installation and only 1 passed referral was confirmed for that month. In August the ratio gets even worst with 74 downloads, 3 installs, and 0 confirmations.

Here are the pictures showcasing my Brave Referral rewards for few months.

Not very amazing right? The pictures above only showcase 2 months but if we look at the total picture, the conversion rate remains the same. 

Total Referrals that clicked on download: 899

Total Referrals that installed the Brave Browser after download: 200

Total of Referrals that used the Brave Browser for at least 30 days (confirmed): 89

Percentage: Less than 10% of users who I referred uses the Brave Browser.  

I write this article hoping to understand why this happening and improve the Brave Browser Referral conversion rate for me, for others, and the Brave Browser in general. 

As for me, I adapted to Brave fairly easily on my desktop but did not get accustomed to it on my cell phone as well. I try to use it often but because it cannot set as my standard browser on my smartphone, I feel that the extra step to access the internet, makes it less intuitive for me to use. Overall I did not get adjusted to it on my cell phone as of yet. Hopefully, in the future, it can be set as a default.

Another reason I strongly believe contributes to a low daily usage conversion is the previously saved bookmarks. People just find it easy to use a browser they are already familiar with and that have all their information saved. Although Brave Browser does the same and is faster and safer people just stick with what they are familiar with. The process of having to do it all again is just a drag. But once done it does feel nice! 

Strong security settings for new users may also create issues when accessing familiar sites. Prompting the user to double-check their security preferences and give them a little education on each feature may help new users adjust to this new variable. Just a quick solution that I could think of.

These are some things that I noticed could be improved in hopes that new users have a great initial experience and one that leads to long term usage and lots of BAT rewards. I hope there is a way to improve these stats. And over time have created a lot of Brave educational material to help others navigate the Brave Browser beginnings. 

Some of these may be a little outdated but thought it would be nice to showcase some of the links of my Brave articles and tutorials in case you need a hand along the way! List from most recent to the oldest.


1. Is your Brave Browser outdated? The best way to check -

2. My BAT earnings after 1 year using Brave Browser -

3. Is Brave Browser Safe?

4. Microsoft updates its Edge Browser and Bing search engine to compete with Brave

5. Brave Ads enabled in Brazil and another 21 countries. Learn more about Earning BAT tokens -

6. Brave Rewards not working? Download the latest version and problem solved. -

7. Brave Browser Download - What is Brave? -

8. How to Sync my Shopify Website with Brave Browser & Become a Brave Publisher -

9. My first Brave Browser Payout - BAT tokens received in May 2019 -

10. Brave Browser surprises again and enables Uphold transfers to all users -

11. How to Tip with Brave Browser BAT Tokens -

12. Brave Enables BAT Rewards for iPhone - Activate and receive a grant -

13. BAT Token Fundamentals - Basic Attention Token Facts -

Now that I gather them all... many articles over the course of time, and many more in Portuguese as well. Search Brave and follow my blog and you will find a solution for an issue you are encountering or will at least learn something new about Brave. The Browser is constantly updating and new features are often being recently released.

Thank you for the read,

If you have not yet signed up for Brave here is my referral link:   

If you feel inspired to try something new: Download, Install, Use It and Enjoy the future BAT rewards you will receive! In case you give up the experience let me know why in the comments below. I am very interested to know and let Brave know which ways we can all improve.

All my best,

Michelle M
Lbry Channel English: @Mammycrypto
Lbry Canal Português: @MamãeCrypto


Frank * said…
The brave browser doesn't seem to offer rewards for a lot of the sites that I visit, I use the beta version on my Android phone. I use instead of Google, and for news places like & I do more browsing on Facebook and flote, and a bit on reddit. I keep up with friends a lot by whatsapp. Although I like my laptops, I think I spend more time on my Android these days, and not that much browsing. They're just don't seem to be a lot of non-commercial sites that give one the opportunity for BAT rewards.


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