Publish0x Introduces Ethereum Tips for readers and content creators

Publish0x recently introduced Ethereum (ETH) rewards for both readers and publishers of the platform.
If you follow the blog you probably know that I have been repurposing and monetizing my articles on the Publish0x Platform for close to two years now. And, I have seen this emerging blogging platform grow steadily, from a few thousand registered users to one hundred thousand users and growing. 
Over time, this crypto agnostic Publishing platform has established itself as of the favorite spots for crypto content creators, cryptocurrency projects, and enterprises to share their view, their knowledge, and their services within the crypto space and get rewarded for doing so daily. 
Many content creators, including me, have managed to build a strong following and consistently noticed that readers on the Publish0x platform are not only engaging but often come back for more content and more rewards. Because on Publish0x, both publishers and readers get a chance rewarded in c…

Is Brave Browser Safe?

Is Brave Browser Safe? If you care about your privacy I would say so.

Most of us, internet users, spend more time using a browser than any other program or app. We love to surf the world wide web and we all need a browser to do so. Strikingly most of us never stop to think about the quality and safety of the browsers we are using. We normally go with the popular ones like, Google Chrome or Safari not knowing that there is a faster, safer and a more rewarding browser called Brave.

What is Brave Browser?

Brave Browser is a free, privacy focused, open source software based on Chromium. Brave was Founded in 2015 by Brendan Eich, who is the is former CEO of Mozilla and lead developer of Javascript. The Brave Browser not only does everything it can to protect our devices from malicious scripts and malware but it also rewards its users with BAT tokens (cryptocurrency that can be converted into cash) if users choose to accept ad views. When it comes to security, the Brave Browser has all the features offered by Google Chrome but goes one step further.

What makes Brave Browser safer than others?

In my opinion, the Brave Browser is safer than Google Chrome or any other browser in the market today because it is transparent. Brave protects its user's privacy by default and goes a long way simply by blocking ads, trackers and malicious scripts for everyone, from the beginning. With Brave ad slots are simply blocked, unless the users opt-in. Also, with Brave there are no cookies or trackers, and users must place their page shield down in order to allow any form of tracking or device recognition. 

Advertising and tracking features are set ON in any other browser, including Google Chrome. That is how browsers make money and its understandable companies want to maximize their profits. By default, all browsers except Brave are integrated with advertising networks, which are constantly tracking every click and user behavior. And despite the fact that many browsers do offer enhanced security and ad blocking features similar to Brave, only savvy users are aware and make use of these features. The general public is oblivious, accustomed to the ad bombardment and not often encouraged to browse on safe mode. It's time to be awake and aware!

In my opinion if a company is going to make money by tracking and selling the user personal information... at a minimum the user should be able to comply and understand exactly how that is being done. I like Brave because it does that! It is safe by default and cohesive with the privacy message that it is sending to its users. 

But how do they plan on being profitable? 

Brave is not discouraging online advertisement in any shape or form. On the contrary, its is encouraging it by rewarding users with a share of its profits coming from ads with the Brave Rewards program. A whole new realm of innovation that leads to extra income to users and tips to content creators.  

In addition to being safe, Brave's approach to browsing is truly revolutionary. The goal is not only to create a safe browsing experience but a safe internet ecosystem where good content gets rewarded. 

What Brave does that has not been done before is to stimulate its users to tip content creators. That gives users more power than just getting the ad rewards. By breaking down the ad based business model and rewarding quality safe content directly, users gain more control over what gets to be relevant on the internet today. Brave not only managed to give great content creators a new revenue stream other than ads but is also helping eliminate the income stream of fake sites and scammers. A win, win situation

In conclusion, to me Brave is more than just a safe browser. It is an ethical browser with a new outlook on the internet in general. Certainly a more transparent and rewarding user experience.

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