How Blockchain Can (and Is!) Revolutionizing the Consumer Experience

How Blockchain Can (and Is!) Revolutionizing the Consumer Experience In our increasingly connected world, it is harder than ever to be sure we know the origins of what we’re buying. But blockchain technology could help shed light on our opaque supply chains.  Lemons from Peru, avocados from Mexico, tomatoes from Spain. The ingredients for your guacamole may be better traveled than you are. The abundance of exotic or out of season foods is trailed by a byzantine web of interdependent supply chains that present many problems.  Lack of details on provenance can make it difficult for consumers to know the origins of their food. A recall can cause direct costs of around $10 million and cause significant damage to a company’s reputation.  Bad supply chain management contributes heavily to the 14% of all food that spoils before it even reaches store shelves. And the COVID-19 pandemic has shown that weaknesses in our global food supply chain and poor industry practices can rise to the le

Introducing OdyseeBR - Introduzindo Odysee Brasil

I am happy to join the Lbry and Odysee team and community to help put together a resourceful site for Brazilians and Portuguese speaking content creators and viewers. As a community, we will be working on translations, we will help categorize the site. We will work on enhancing the site to best fit with our language and culture. And we will, most importantly, create fun strategies to onboard more Brazilians into this decentralized train! Tchu Tchu! Let's just call it spaceship instead. 

I am starting by creating a double of the Odysee Help Page translated to Portuguese to kick start it. And I hope my work will inspire others to jump in and be part of this collaborative and accumulative journey that is decentralization. Think of me as a tool to help the ideas that come from the community come to Life. Find me on Lbry and Odysee and OdyseeBR discord channels. Any input is super appreciated.

Here is where I started. 


First Post:ásico-do-Odysee:4?r=37KtbYkQyB7Tx6tXirfGpdwYYFkPLYNZ

Counting with your support. This post will be translated to Portuguese and posted next. 

All my best
Michelle M

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