Mommin' It Monday - Stream 23 - Crypto News Nov 30th, 2020

Today our Mommin' It Monday's episode coincided with Cyber Monday. How exciting is that! To celebrate I am offering today up to 60% Off T-Shirts, Business Cards, Tote Bags & other items in my Crypto Swap Shop with coupon code  CYBERMONDEAL.  Follow this link directly to store and check out my crypto designs. I made sure that you will find something special and unique for everyone! Also, the products in my store can be customized with your name, your socia media handle, a personal message or even a picture. Zazzle is SUPER COOL and makes shopping really fun! Hope you enjoyed the little correction the crypto markets experienced over the last few days. If you had set buys it was certainly the right time despite the height. Today it is clear that Bitcoin and altcoins decided to keep on moving up and while they do we watch the market attentively as we receive updates on a variety of topics. And most importantly share the most relevant ones on our weekly Mommin' It Monday&#

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First Event in Orange CA I got a chance to attend at it was sooo much fun! Here are few fun pictures I have to share with you.

For additional details regarding the last event please check out the tour schedule

Find me on Instagram, at least for now. ­čśÄ

All my best,

Michelle M.

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