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Weekly Blockchain News with Mammycrypto Dec 17th 2022

This week the cryptocurrencies market took another dip and was marked by juicy headlines. As interest rates in USA hiked a again, people reacted accordingly. In addition, FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried finally got caught in the Bahamas. And since, questions have risen about Binance proof of funds. The exchange continues to juggle a wave of withdraws, while showcasing a strong front to the media. 

The environment is very delicate right now. The market Experienced a positive recovery last week with Bitcoin prices going above 18K. But it eventually took another dip driven by low volume in general in exchanges. 

On a positive note, while exchanges are getting shaken, there was a large increase in sales for hardware wallets across the board. Trezor, for example, recorded a 300% sales increase in November 2022. And that is mainly being driven by people seeking security and self custody. 

Regardless of what happens to exchanges; Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and true decentralization will prevail.

Below are the most relevant headlines of the week with links so you can go directly to the source.

Sunday December 11th, 2022: Binance's proof of reserves raises red flags: Report

Monday December 12th, 2022:  SBF Charged With Conspiracy, Wire Fraud, Money Laundering by Justice Department, Securities Violations by SEC

Tuesday December 13th, 2022: Business as Usual Says CZ, Confirming Over $1 Billion Daily Withdrawals

Wednesday December 14th,  2022: Bitcoin Falls as Federal Reserve Slows Rate Hikes but Stays Hawkish -

Thursday December 15th 2022: Digital euro on EU priorities list before 2024 elections -

Friday December 16th 2022:  Hal Finney's wife resumes activity on Bitcoin pioneer's Twitter account to avoid potential purge

Saturday December 17th 2022: Enjoy your Saturday. 

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