Paticipação da Live no Canal Bitcoinblock

Fala galera! Tudo joia? Bom essa quinta feira passada eu participei na Live do canal BitcoinBlock e nela discutimos vários tópicos como analise gráfica do mercado cripto, NFTs, desenvolvimento entre outros temas, junto com vários convidados especiais como Rodrix Digital ,  Vanessa Oliveira , Johnny Fusinato, entre outros! Venha com a gente curtir essa alta do mercado, e assista essa live! Tudo de bom sempre, Michelle M Social Media links:

Weekly Blockchain News with Mammycrypto Dec 10th 2022

It has been a long while since I posted our Weekly Crypto news. I was so busy at my daily job that I could not find time to open my personal Laptop. Yikes! But thanks to SAM, you will be seeing more of me again. Yes, like everybody else, I blame it on Sam from FTX for the fact that I got lay-off, hehe. But in fact there is a direct correlation between me loosing my Bybit Exchange Marketing Channel specialist position. Let me tell you... since the FTX debacle exchanges, all over the world, are loosing their trading volume and therefore laying off a lot of staff. And, I am just one of those folks out there hitting the job market once again. 

But let's not be pessimistic, I am enjoying having free time for my family this holiday, to dedicate to several personal projects that got placed in a bucket list in the basement and it is just the perfect time to get in touch with you again. After all with every bear market comes several lessons learned and this bear market it is no different. 

For the future I sure hope that self custody continues to become a trend. In 2018 we all bragged about not your keys not your coins but once defi (decentralized finance) came about and exchanges found a creatives ways to entice new clients with high returns, nfts and what not, people simply forgot the basic principle about crypto which is financial independence. 

Trust no-one but yourself but make sure you get educated enough about it before you can handle the technology as well. Can't keep safe a password? That's a sign that crypto may not be for you just now. The crypto learning curve is short for those who maintain the trust in third-parties but for those who educate themselves enough and learn to dance the self custody dance, life is still a PARTY. 

Hang in there, I will as well and with your support. I hope to shine more and dive into new crypto adventures to share with you.

For now let's take a peak at the most popular headlines of last week. The ones work reading about!

Sunday December 4th, 2022: Bybit announces second round of layoffs in 2022 to survive bear market

Monday December 5th, 2022:  House committee leader says Bankman-Fried has 'sufficient' knowledge for testimony

Tuesday December 6th, 2022: Here’s Alameda’s Investment Portfolio: WSJ Report

Wednesday December 7th,  2022: Binance's Bitcoin Reserves Are Overcollateralized, New Report Says -

Thursday December 8th 2022: Senator Warren Wants the Fed to Answer for Banking Sector’s Ties to FTX -

Friday December 9th 2022:  CEO of crypto news site The Block resigns for failing to disclose $27M loans from Alameda Research

Saturday December 10th 2022: Enjoy your Saturday. 

All my best
Michelle M

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