Paticipação da Live no Canal Bitcoinblock

Fala galera! Tudo joia? Bom essa quinta feira passada eu participei na Live do canal BitcoinBlock e nela discutimos vários tópicos como analise gráfica do mercado cripto, NFTs, desenvolvimento entre outros temas, junto com vários convidados especiais como Rodrix Digital ,  Vanessa Oliveira , Johnny Fusinato, entre outros! Venha com a gente curtir essa alta do mercado, e assista essa live! Tudo de bom sempre, Michelle M Social Media links:

Interview with David Chaum about his new Privacy Solutions

During the Consensus 2022 conference, I had the pleasure to interview one of the most significant figures in crypto: The one and only David Chaum. 

David Chaum is an American computer scientist, developer, cryptographer, and inventor. Ahead of his time, when the internet was first introduced, David Chaum foresaw several privacy issues that would arise from it. And since then, He dedicated a lifetime to creating solutions to combat the surveillance state and protect digital privacy.

One solution that inspired the birth of Bitcoin and blockchain technology was the invention of E-cash, also known as Digicash. Other solutions that he developed are vault systems, blind signatures, and mix networks. A full suite of solutions that enables him to take his work even further. Currently, as noted on his site: "David is currently leading xx network, a completely private, quantum-secure decentralized messaging and payment platform". He continues to innovate, and in this interview, we will be focusing on his latest developments, a privacy media platform XX Elixxir, and the reasons why quantum resistant privacy solutions are necessary for tomorrow's society. 

A visionary, David was kind to open sometime in his busy event agenda to explain the technology directly to us in this short 22 minute interview. Check out what his next steps are all about below: 

Connect with David Chaum:

Connect with Michelle Mafra

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