Cripto Notícias Semanal - 23 de Julho de 2022

É hora de se atualizar sobre as principais manchetes de criptomoedas da semana, mas antes disso, vamos refletir. Existe algo positivo sobre o "Bear Market" (Mercado de urso)? Vejo muitas coisas positivas. É válido dizer que o preço caiu, mas a tecnologia não. Continua a evoluir e a trazer inovações que permitirão que esta indústria cresça ainda mais. Na extremidade inferior, os projetos que não são viáveis ​​desaparecem e o mercado seca, deixando apenas projetos viáveis ​​com potencial de crescimento futuro. O desenvolvimento não para. Ele continua e o que se desenvolve durante a recessão é o que gerará os novos hypes do futuro. Vejamos um exemplo, 2018 e 2019 enquanto o mercado corrigia várias tendências surgiram: 1. Fortalecendo a rede Lightning e desenvolvendo produtos e aplicativos que usam Lightning como forma de pagamento. 2. O nascimento das finanças descentralizadas Defi, ex: Uniswap. 3. A tecnologia NFT é levada a outros níveis com a chegada dos marketplaces. 4. Evol

Weekly Blockchain News by Mammycrypto Jul 9th 2022

This week the market started to show a little sign of recovery. There is still a lot of uncertainty and doubt in the space, but for those possessing a strong risk appetite can still take advantage of these short-lived up trends and still pack a good profit here and there. For those who do not trade, and have chosen to ride the dip; a glimpse of hope is finally in the air, despite knowing that the excitement can be short-lived and overcome by a deeper dip of the crypto markets. It is time to continue to be cautious and protect your crypto. Adding that, bear markets are a great time to get your bags organized, regardless of their current value. It's to create a strategic plan to store your crypto assets safely and equally important, to set up your goals for the next bull wave that regardless of how long it takes, eventually will come. In the meantime let's keep attentive to the most relevant news in the crypto industry and try our best to feel the sentiment of the market.

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Sunday July 3rd, 2022:  Crypto’s ongoing crisis is an opportunity for realignment

Monday July 4th, 2022: Crypto lender CoinLoan lowers withdrawal limit citing market conditions

Tuesday July 5th, 2022: The Wolf of Wall Street: Investors Will ‘Almost Certainly’ Profit by Hodling BTC for 3 years

Wednesday July 6th 2022: Three Execs Leave JPMorgan This Week to Join Crypto Firms

Thursday July 7th 2022: Republican Sen. Lummis: Democrat Sen. Gillibrand Is Teaching Me About NFTs

Friday July 8th 2022: Tether liquidates Celsius position with ‘no losses’ to stablecoin issuer

Saturday July 9th 2022: Enjoy your Saturday. 

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Weekly Blockchain News with Mammycrypto Jul 23rd 2022

Cripto Notícias Semanal - 23 de Julho de 2022


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