Cripto Notícias Semanal - 23 de Julho de 2022

É hora de se atualizar sobre as principais manchetes de criptomoedas da semana, mas antes disso, vamos refletir. Existe algo positivo sobre o "Bear Market" (Mercado de urso)? Vejo muitas coisas positivas. É válido dizer que o preço caiu, mas a tecnologia não. Continua a evoluir e a trazer inovações que permitirão que esta indústria cresça ainda mais. Na extremidade inferior, os projetos que não são viáveis ​​desaparecem e o mercado seca, deixando apenas projetos viáveis ​​com potencial de crescimento futuro. O desenvolvimento não para. Ele continua e o que se desenvolve durante a recessão é o que gerará os novos hypes do futuro. Vejamos um exemplo, 2018 e 2019 enquanto o mercado corrigia várias tendências surgiram: 1. Fortalecendo a rede Lightning e desenvolvendo produtos e aplicativos que usam Lightning como forma de pagamento. 2. O nascimento das finanças descentralizadas Defi, ex: Uniswap. 3. A tecnologia NFT é levada a outros níveis com a chegada dos marketplaces. 4. Evol

Weekly Blockchain News by Mammycrypto Jul 16th 2022

Hello, it is time for another weekly crypto news where we peak at the latest and most relevant headlines. Overall the crypto markets have been consolidating, or better moving sideways and waiting on their perfect moment to pump, bounce or dump. Consequently, we are all feeling a bit lost. The lack of future perspective is truly detrimental to the global economic scenario, and we all have this strange feeling that the worst is still to come. Reading the news is one good way to maintain informed and get a glimpse of the direction we are heading. 

Are we in a recession? That's the most popular question lingering in the mainstream news. Talks about increasing interest rates, and an exorbitant inflation rate in the USA are part of our daily lives now. And nobody knows what would be the safest place to put your money in. Looks like everything is crashing simultaneously. No safe place, no safe bet. Well, that sure looks like a recession to me.

What I noticed is that the general population here in America is changing behaviors. Americans are finally concerned about their debt and are looking into saving and truly changing their behaviors to accommodate this glimpse of living in a third-world economy. 

It has been 25 years I have been living in the USA and it is the first time I see lines being formed on the low-priced gas stations. Yep, the struggle is real here and we are feeling in ours pockets, and in the fact that this summer we cannot afford airline tickets to their favorite destination spots. Imagine what is actually happening in the 3rd world countries that currency devaluated at an exponential rate? The struggle is very real and a good percentage of people are hungry and looking for alternatives to survive simply.

I sure hope one day we, the people, can overcome these policy problems, and I find bitcoin and blockchain technology to be one of the greatest instruments we have to get there. Let's work together for a better future and until then let's keep ourselves informed so we can together make decisions aimed to make this world a better place.  

Sunday July 10th, 2022:  US dominates crypto ATMs installations and BTC hash rate worldwide

Monday July 11th, 2022: GameStop goes live with public beta of NFT marketplace

Tuesday July 12th, 2022: Bank of Indonesia: Crypto Could Strengthen the Global Financial System but There’s a Catch

Wednesday July 13th 2022: Brazilian Congress Postpones Crypto Bill Vote Until After October Presidentia Elections

Thursday July 14th 2022: Celsius Bankruptcy Filing Shows $1.2 Billion Hole in Its Balance Sheet

Friday July 15th 2022: Bitcoin is now in its longest-ever 'extreme fear' period

Saturday July 16th 2022: Enjoy your Saturday. 

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Cripto Notícias Semanal - 23 de Julho de 2022


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