Weekly Blockchain News with Mammycrypto Sept. 17th 2022

Hi there,   I hope you are ready for another Crypto News Weekly! As you probably know, the highlight of the week, has been the much anticipated Ethereum Merge. Finally, the Ethereum upgrade has finalized successfully, and the market can lose some of the anxiety revolving around it. Oddly despite a successful delivery from developers and the community, the price of ethereum has taken a big dip. My guess is: Partly due to the fact that this upgrade does not fix its most important issue regarding usability, which is the high cost of transaction fees.  There are other relevant headlines for the week, so be sure to press play on the slide, feel the title, and if you get extra curious; there is always a direct link to each article below, ready for you to click and read it in my detail.  Sunday September 11th, 2022:   Latin America is ready for crypto — just integrate it with their payment systems  -  https://cointelegraph.com/news/latin-america-is-ready-for-crypto-just-integrate-it-with-thei

Weekly Blockchain News by Mammycrypto June 25th 2022

This week, despite the current wave of FUD, the crypto sentiment finally started to change. We experienced a nice little up trend in the markets, and Bitcoin is now above $20K, Ethereum above $1200 and Litecoin above $55. Proof of work networks continue to prove reliable and stronger than ever. Staking blockchains can be fun and practical but not very secure when we consider how young some of these networks are.  Time will prove which ones we can truly rely on. Many cryptocurrencies will come and go for variety of circumstances. Pick wisely and always do your own research. 

For now, let's take a peak at the most at the most relevant headlines of the week, as well as the current price of Bitcoin and the current market bitcoin market sentiment. At this point it is all about guessing the bottom. Are we there yet? Leave a comment with your thoughts.

Sunday June 19th, 2022:  Celsius recovery plan proposed amid community-led short-squeeze attempt https://cointelegraph.com/news/celsius-recovery-plan-proposed-amid-community-led-short-squeeze-attempt

Monday June 20th, 2022: Tech giants opt into newly-formed Metaverse Standards Forum https://www.theblock.co/post/153299/tech-giants-opt-into-newly-formed-metaverse-standards-forum

Tuesday June 21st, 2022: BlockFi Secures $250 Million Credit Facility From SBF’s FTX https://cryptopotato.com/blockfi-secures-250-million-credit-facility-from-sbfs-ftx/

Wednesday June 22nd 2022:Fed Chair Powell Says Soft Landing Will Be 'Challenging,' Calls for Crypto Regulation https://www.coindesk.com/markets/2022/06/22/fed-chair-powell-says-soft-landing-will-be-challenging-calls-for-crypto-regulation/

Thursday June 23rd 2022: Soccer Superstar Cristiano Ronaldo Is Making NFTs for Binance https://decrypt.co/103703/soccer-superstar-cristiano-ronaldo-is-making-nfts-for-binance

Friday June 24thth 2022: Ethereum price breaks out as 'bad news is good news' for stocks  https://cointelegraph.com/news/ethereum-price-breaks-out-as-bad-news-is-good-news-for-stocks

Saturday Jun 25th 2022: Enjoy your Saturday. 

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