Consensus 2022 - Entrevista com Solange Gueiros desenvolvedora

Foi um prazer entrevistar a única palestrante brasileira da Conferencia Consensus 2022 , a Solange Gueiros . Solange é desenvolvedora especialista em smart contracts na rede da Ethereum blockchain e durante a conferencia ela ensinou ao público na prática como gerar o seu próprio smart contract. Representando a Chainlink a Solange também foi uma grande anfitriã quando demos passamos para visitar o estande da Chainlink.  Espero que goste do momento que dividimos durante a conferencia Consensus 2022 na cidade de Austin Texas.  Não deixe de visitar, seguir o canal e assistir a todas as entrevistas Consensus com grandes especialistas da indústria brasileiros. Gostaria de ver as entrevistas Globais. acesse meu canal em Inglês para mais conteúdo exclusivo MamãeCrypto: Apoio Consensus 2022 - Bybit Exchange  Tudo de bom sempre, Michelle M. Social Media links:

Weekly Blockchain News with Mammycrypto May 28th 2022

It has been a long time since I posted my weekly blockchain news selection. Since then, the cryptocurrency markets has taken another dive. How you feeling? The deep dive can be a bit nerver recking, I must say. But because this is not my first crypto market rodeo, I am distracting from my current losses and keeping busy. Having a stable job during this time is the perfect way to keep the boat afloat without touching my humble investments. Having a money stream also allow me to buy the Bitcoin dip, whenever I see fit. After a few runs in this market, I have learned a few strategies that help me survive even the harshest bear markets. The market also thought me, most importantly, to cash out early enough and take occasional profits during bull runs. After learning to control my emotions I do not feel like I missed out, I feel in control actually. 

Overall I am a humble hodler, not a trader. I never used leverage, I never bought futures, and I never bought Luna neither (Luckily). Being a bit conservative, probably saved me from having some major losses this past few weeks. I keep things very simple, at least for now, and when the markets are drying. I do what I do best: work, work, work.

I want to thank the universe for always thinking of me and sending  opportunities my way when the time is just right. My best advice for you, reader is: If you feel a bit lost as a consequence of this dip. Be patience, work hard to learn a few coping strategies and focus on the technology as it will bring you value next run. Price may take a dip but the technology will continue to evolve. 

As for the news, we have a mix of positive and negative news regarding the market. When FUD is in the air even the brightest ones get outshined anyhow. Check them out as they will give you a good gauge of what is current in the market, but know that nobody has the crystal ball but overtime Bitcoin Growth's has proven to be relentless despite its huge dips.

Sunday May 22nd, 2022: Waning institutional demand is forcing high-yield crypto accounts to slash rates

Monday May 23rd, 2022: PayPal looks to embrace all possible crypto and blockchain services

Tuesday May 24th, 2022: Fidelity's bitcoin index fund surpasses $125 million in investments

Wednesday May 25th 2022: 4 Years After Launch, Uniswap Reached $1 Trillion in Trading Volume

Thursday May 26th 2022: ECB Chief and Bitcoin Critic Christine Lagarde Says Her Son Trades Crypto

Friday May 27th 2022: How Terra’s collapse will impact future stablecoin regulations   -

Saturday May 28th 2022: Enjoy your Saturday. 

All my best
Michelle M

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