Consensus 2022 - Entrevista com Solange Gueiros desenvolvedora

Foi um prazer entrevistar a única palestrante brasileira da Conferencia Consensus 2022 , a Solange Gueiros . Solange é desenvolvedora especialista em smart contracts na rede da Ethereum blockchain e durante a conferencia ela ensinou ao público na prática como gerar o seu próprio smart contract. Representando a Chainlink a Solange também foi uma grande anfitriã quando demos passamos para visitar o estande da Chainlink.  Espero que goste do momento que dividimos durante a conferencia Consensus 2022 na cidade de Austin Texas.  Não deixe de visitar, seguir o canal e assistir a todas as entrevistas Consensus com grandes especialistas da indústria brasileiros. Gostaria de ver as entrevistas Globais. acesse meu canal em Inglês para mais conteúdo exclusivo MamãeCrypto: Apoio Consensus 2022 - Bybit Exchange  Tudo de bom sempre, Michelle M. Social Media links:

Something big - Join this Drop Party

In April this year I got invited by a Litecoin friend to be part of special Hollywood production featuring a ton of volunteers from the Litecoin Foundation, Charlie Lee, and other celebrities such a the American rapper 2 Chainz and the Brazilian MMA fighter Cris Cyborg among others. I must say recording with this crew for a full 11 hours was simply awesome. I  had so much fun spending the day with other Litecoiners.  And It was also a surreal experience to be behind the scenes and see how a professional hollywood production really comes to life.

Regardless of how much fun I had during the process I can tell the Drop is simply going to be amazing.

Do not miss this DROP! It is a chance to WIN prizes during this fun release too. I guess there is a lot of surprises that we are all unaware off. Want to be part of this experience with us? Sign up for a chance to win prizes, tickets to special events, crypto conferences and much more. Friends please my referral link: We both SCORE! Thank you.

Some Fun Behind the Scenes pictures:


Litecoin Happy Hour



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Consensus 2022 - Entrevista com Solange Gueiros desenvolvedora

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