What happened at the Litecoin Summit 2022 Las Vegas

What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas. The Litecoin Summit was a livestreamed event featuring some of the most important names in the cryptocurrency industry, while celebrating the recent innovations implemented in the Litecoin blockchain. The event was cozy and intimate. Guests had the opportunity to mingle with the Litecoin Creator Charlie Lee . They learned to code with Litecoin Developers such as Loshan and David Burcke t and also engaged in conversations with several big Players in the industry, such as Paul Puey creator and CEO of Edge Wallet, the team from Antpool, Bitpay, Get Hedge and many others.  It is clear that the industry is branching out into several niches, such as new payments systems, NFTs, decentralized finance, tokenization and the realm of possibilities continue to increase with every update, with every new idea sparked in events just like this one.  The highlight of the convention for me was learning the new capabilities of the Litecoin Network. Th

Weekly Blockchain News with Mammycrypto March, 25th 2022

The week in the world of crypto was once again full of surprises. Another data hack suffered by Hubspot has several users worried about fishing attacks. Overall the crypto news was delivered on a more national and global level, with several countries making a stance on bitcoin this week. The world power structure seems to be changing. Sadly, people's lives continue to be lost in war and our fragile financial system seems to be taking its last few breaths as inflation kicks in and gas prices soar. The struggle is real, but bitcoiners are more confident than ever. Check out the slides for the most relevant topics of the week and below find the links to each article for a convenient read.

In addition to the major news, you will also be informed of the current price of bitcoin as well as the fear and greed index indicator. 

Sunday March 20th, 2022: Crypto firms warn customers after Hubspot employee account compromise - https://www.theblockcrypto.com/linked/138563/crypto-blockfi-pantera-hubspot-security-data

Monday March 21st, 2022: El Salvador seems to delay its ‘volcano bonds’ launch https://cointelegraph.com/news/el-salvador-seems-to-delay-its-volcano-bonds-launch

Tuesday March 22nd, 2022: FTX Invests $100 Million in Banking App, Forges Strategic Partnership https://cryptopotato.com/ftx-invests-100-million-in-banking-app-forges-strategic-partnership/

Wednesday March 23rd 2022: Thailand bans use of crypto for payments — but not trading and investing https://www.theblockcrypto.com/linked/138910/thailand-bans-use-of-crypto-for-payments-but-not-trading-and-investing

Thursday March 24th 2022: Russia Energy Committee Chair: We'll Take Bitcoin for Oil and Gas https://decrypt.co/95940/russia-energy-committee-chair-bitcoin-oil-gas

Friday March 25th 2022: Ukraine launches NFT museum 'to keep the memory of war' https://cointelegraph.com/news/ukraine-launches-nft-museum-to-keep-the-memory-of-war

Saturday March 26th 2022: Enjoy your Saturday. 

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What happened at the Litecoin Summit 2022 Las Vegas

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