Brazilian writer was gifted with a NFT in Mother’s Day for the first time, she received a cryptoart titled “Matriowlska” from her daughter

Press release from Mother's day. May 8, 2022 Brazilian writer was gifted with a NFT in Mother’s Day for the first time, she received a cryptoart titled “Matriowlska” from her daughterOn  On may 08th, Mother Day,  the brazilian writer, TV presenter and screenwriter Rosana Hermann shared in her Twitter profile the NFT gift received. Her daughter Anita Efraim, journalist, has chosen the work “Matriowlska”, signed by Mauricio Negro, one of the V8art Gallery ( ) artists. If Maye Musk didn’t receive a NFT from Kimbal or Elon, maybe Rosana became the first mother in the world to receive a cryptoart for the holiday.  The gitf caused surprise and wrath among some of Rosana’s ( ) 660k Twitter followers, she was a pioneer in that social network and also wrote a book (published in 2011) about her success there since 2007. Before receiving the NFT gift she already had made available one of her twits on OpenSea ( ), the

Weekly Blockchain News with Mammycrypto March, 18th 2022

This week started on a positive note for cryptocurrencies. As one of the headlines indicated President "Biden's executive order is finally upon us and it does not look too dreadful". Clarity does help many in the industry gauge the next steps to be taken, but it does hurt to see some of the amazing freedoms of cryptocurrency being chipped away with layers and layers of verification now soon to be extended to our custodial wallets as well. Contributing to the system sounds fair only if the money spent was used to our benefit and not towards feeding wars and corruption. Regardless of a few little regulatory bumps, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies continue to be a great alternative to hedge against the growing inflation rate. And are proving to be a great alternative for those having to escape horrible war situations as well. As technology evolves so does its impact in the world and this year we are seeing many positive outcomes of crypto existence. Check out some of these topics on the slide below. Links to each article are provided below. 

Sunday March 13th, 2022: Ukraine's NFT collection will be 'like a museum of the war,' minister says

Monday March 14th, 2022: Law Decoded: Joe Biden’s executive order is finally upon us, and it doesn’t look too dreadful, March 7–14 -

Tuesday March 15th, 2022: NFTs Are Coming to Instagram Says Mark Zuckerberg

Wednesday March 16th 2022: ApeCoin' tied to Bored Ape NFT ecosystem debuts with planned community airdrop

Thursday March 17th 2022: Coinbase Hit With $5M Lawsuit Over 'Unlicensed' Sale of Dogecoin, 78 Other Crypto Assets

Friday March 18th 2022: Central Bank of Russia tightens P2P transactions monitoring, including those in crypto

Saturday March 19th 2022: Enjoy your Saturday. 

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Brazilian writer was gifted with a NFT in Mother’s Day for the first time, she received a cryptoart titled “Matriowlska” from her daughter

Weekly Blockchain News with Mammycrypto March, 25th 2022

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