Bitcoin Rabbit Hole NFT + Original Art

The Bitcoin Rabbit Hole drawing is finally complete. Hours of dedication and positive affirmations were invested into each section of this 9in x 12in drawing by Michelle Mafra AKA @MamaeCrypto (Twitter and Instagram). Now this piece can be yours.  ON Auction Now on Atomic Hub Marketplace - WAX Blockchain  Link to auction: Un-click Whitelisted only to be able to visualize the NFt and auction Min bid $250 (Includes shipping USA - CA) 1-1 NFT that includes the original art. Buyer redeems the Original Art by proving Transaction ID for the sale and shipping address to artist directly at Once transaction ID is Confirmed - Art will be shipped to the winner within 7 business days using a traceable shipping method. For international shipments please note that there will be a $25.00 Additional shipping charge if the winning bid is below $300. For any bids above $300 international shipping will be free. I cannot wait to see som

Cripto Notícias com a MamãeCrypto Resumão 16

Bem vindo ao Cripto Notícias Internacional. 5 minutinhos comentando sobre as notícias cripto internacionais mais relevantes da semana. Aprenda sobre cripto moedas e tecnologia blockchain, DEFI, NFTs e mais. Live no Instagram da mamãecrypto toda segunda feira.

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Gravado no dia 6 de dezembro de 2021


1. BitMart exchange perde $200 milhões de dólares em um Hack 

2. Pesquisa da @grayscale conclui que
26% dos Americanos Adultos possuem #btc - 55% deles comprou nos últimos 12 meses e 66% pretender (hodl it) segurar.

3. Nova ferramenta no Twitter permite usuários verificarem seus NFTs da Ethereum como foto perfil. Doida para aprender como! Logo logo faço um tutorial! 

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