Mommin It Mondays episode November 29th 2021

Hi amigos, It is time to catch up with our Mommin' It Mondays episode. This one was recorded on November 29th before the most recent market correction. Check out what was brewing then and if you get a chance come join us for our weekly Monday's Live which take place on Lisa's channel at 2:00 PM PST time. Live can be joined in via my Twitter account as well. Join the fun and do not hesitate to ask questions too and give your 2 satoshis about the topics we are discussing too. The community is very open and alive check it out! All my best Michelle M Social Media links:   

Mommin It Mondays Catch up episode October 11th 2021


It is time to catch up with another episode of our Mommin' It Mondays show. In this show, we showcase the most relevant news topics of the week and we share with you our opinion on the current tendencies as well as tips that can help you understand the crypto market space a little better. By dedicating a little time to catch up with the most relevant news in cryptocurrencies every week, we tend to build up a history of events in our memory. A sensibility to the market, and to the tendencies that move the market. We get to train our brains to act according to our instincts. And we become much better investors. Simply because you are aware of your environment and what's happening in your industry of interest. 

In our case, our focus is pretty much everything evolving around blockchain technology.

Join us and catch up with our weekly crypto new review for the week of October 11th, 2021

And stay tuned as I will be posting our latest episode recorded this Monday, October 25th, 2021 Pretty soon. Hang in there! 

All my best
Michelle M
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