Cripto Notícias Semanal - 23 de Julho de 2022

É hora de se atualizar sobre as principais manchetes de criptomoedas da semana, mas antes disso, vamos refletir. Existe algo positivo sobre o "Bear Market" (Mercado de urso)? Vejo muitas coisas positivas. É válido dizer que o preço caiu, mas a tecnologia não. Continua a evoluir e a trazer inovações que permitirão que esta indústria cresça ainda mais. Na extremidade inferior, os projetos que não são viáveis ​​desaparecem e o mercado seca, deixando apenas projetos viáveis ​​com potencial de crescimento futuro. O desenvolvimento não para. Ele continua e o que se desenvolve durante a recessão é o que gerará os novos hypes do futuro. Vejamos um exemplo, 2018 e 2019 enquanto o mercado corrigia várias tendências surgiram: 1. Fortalecendo a rede Lightning e desenvolvendo produtos e aplicativos que usam Lightning como forma de pagamento. 2. O nascimento das finanças descentralizadas Defi, ex: Uniswap. 3. A tecnologia NFT é levada a outros níveis com a chegada dos marketplaces. 4. Evol

What is the Wide Renascence all about?

The Wide Renascence is a collaborative movement uniting artists and creative minds looking to expand the reach of their art, using technology. The pop-up exhibition showcases the physical pieces of art. The pieces are then minted into NFTs widening the reach of each piece. While also registering its data into the chosen blockchain. 

The first Wide Renascence Exhibition, which took place on September 11th, 2021 in north-county San Diego consisted of 6 artists. Michelle Mafra, Dora Burnquist, Jay Strickland, PMA, Monocrew, and Alvaro Santamaria

During the exhibition, guests could purchase the originals. In addition guests and admirers of the movement, from all over the world, could also access the art QR code and purchase an NFT version of the original piece for a fraction of the price of the original. For the first show, we choose to auction 1 piece from each artist. You can access the auctions here: (Un-check whitelist only and click on auction to visualize the pieces)

Each NFT piece from the Wide Renascence collection is a 1-1 mint. The auction is due to end during our second exhibition at the Valley University of Utah on October 1st. Highest bid wins. Once the buyer wins an auction, he or she can choose to print a copy of the art. Or even apply the art to a t-shirt or other fun products, as long as the art (NFT) is not used for commercial purposes. The buyer can also re-sell the NFT. But note not the prints themselves. That's something we like to educate about during our show as well.

Art is often exclusive. And we want Art to be accessible. We want art to be legitimate. We want art to reach wide.  Non-fungible-token technology enables us to explore. It opens news realms.

Another focus we have is education. During the first exhibition, we experienced a flock of artists who attended the show to learn about the technology. To have their first contact with it. And in our show, we provided a lot of educational materials that will help artists understand the technology. To help them take the leap.  But to also strive to have complete ownership and control of their art, their property. After all this movement is paralleled by the bitcoin movement. One that is all about self-sovereignty and full control. It is time to get creative. Society and culture are changing due to many factors and that is reflecting in our contemporary ART. And that's why I think this renascence is wider than the one before.

Find the Wide Renascence artists on Instagram

Michelle Mafra - @Mamaecrypto

Dora Burnquist - @dora.burnquist_art

Alvaro Santamaria - @Alvaro_santamaria_art

Lotus Burnquist - @lotusflower_art

Jay Strickland - @mrstrix8825

Monocrew - @Monocrew

PMA - @mynameispma

Below are some fun Pictures of our 1st WIDE RENASCENCE EVENT.

Find all the details of our Next Exhibition here:



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