Charlene iHeartradio interviews MammyCrypto NFT / Tokens Magazine

It was truly amazing to meet Charlene in Utah. Charlene is a multifaceted lady, mother, entrepreneur aimed at making change where change is needed most. Today we got a chance to remember the Bitcoin Summit that she proudly organized at the Utah Valley University. Very resourceful and educational , the event explored the many facets of crypto currency and expanded the horizons of students and of those who attended it. Join us on a fun chat celebrating art, culture, crypto and cutting edge technology. The event also marked the launch and 1st edition of Tokens Magazine Please make sure to hit the Follow button on Charlene's video below and support her channel and podcast.  Her intro: " Bitcoin & Tech Summit Was Amazing - Michelle Mafra NFT artist. What is the Wide Renascence all about? The Wide Renascence is a collaborative movement uniting artists and creative minds looking to expand the reach of their art, using technology. The pop-up exhibition showcases the physical piece

Odysee / Lbry Celebrating 1000000 channel milestone

It is amazing to think that there are more than 37 million YouTube channels around the world, as described by Google. The number of channels is growing strong and, in the year 2019, it grew more than 23%. YouTube was founded in 2005 and since then it has been growing exponentially in numbers.

On another note, Odysee is a decentralized platform that was recently launched, to compete with YouTube. A better version of YouTube, powered by the Lbry Blockchain. Odysee was founded in 2020. Within a year it has grown to offer viewers a variety of content from 1 million channels. In a short time, Odysee and Its sister platform were able to gain a considerate market share worldwide. It proves that blockchain-powered systems can function, with great utility. I enjoy using LBC to power my experience and most importantly to help enhance the visibility of my videos. It is not about one great feature that is better than Youtube, truly it is a bunch that makes the overall experience in the Odysee platform more empowering and rewarding.

This Video celebrates the 1 Million Channel Milestone! Go LBRY, Go Odysee. So thankful for this friendly community!

Let's keep supporting each other and continue to keep this community clean, safe, fun and rewarding.

For solid Lbry and Odysee statistics access

For great Lbry Odysee Tutorials Access my channel: @MammyCrypto and type Lbry and Odysee on my channel search box. Best tip is to use the Support tool to stack your earned Lbc into your content and help your content gain more visibility within the platform. Stop by my channel for crypto news updates and to learn great tips on how to grow your lbry channel!

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Love, MammyCrypto

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