Mommin' It Mondays Catch up

Another catch up episode of our Mommin' It Mondays show. This episode was Livestreamed on  June 7th right after we came back from the Bitcoin conference 2021. We were exhausted then but happy to share with you some exciting moments we experienced in the largest crypto conference that ever took place. Since then the crypto market scenario has changed quite a lot so be sure to catch up with the series of Mommin" It Mondays episodes that I will be posting on the blog this week. Catch up time baby! Let's Roll. All my best Michelle M Social Media links:

Odysee Livestreams available for everyone

Odysee has another major announcement. We were all anxiously waiting for the opportunity to Livestream on the Odysee Platform, and it is finally here. First, it was announced that the feature would only be available to creators who have a minimum of 5000 LBC stacked into a channel, but now the limits have been decreased to 50 LBC stacked only. NOW there is room for ALL of us and it is also quite affordable to get started. 

Also, remember that right now Odysee is offering some pretty hefty LBC prizes for the early birds joining in, and the sooner you join in the easiest it will be to accumulate 50 LBC to stake for stream eligibility. Join in using my referral Invite link and we will both receive an LBC bonus from Odysee. 

Referral link:$/invite/@mammycrypto:c

Want to know more about Stacking and how to get started on the Odysee Platform? Stop by my blog, type Odysee or Lbry in the search box and you will find tons of tutorials and resources that can help you understand the tools you are using and get started. It sounds complicated but it is quite simple to make use of blockchain technology and get rewarded in cryptocurrencies. I have been doing it for a while and over time learning what a true sense of community is all about. Hope you enjoy this decentralized product as much as I am.

All my best,
Michelle M

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