Consensus 2022 - Entrevista com Solange Gueiros desenvolvedora

Foi um prazer entrevistar a única palestrante brasileira da Conferencia Consensus 2022 , a Solange Gueiros . Solange é desenvolvedora especialista em smart contracts na rede da Ethereum blockchain e durante a conferencia ela ensinou ao público na prática como gerar o seu próprio smart contract. Representando a Chainlink a Solange também foi uma grande anfitriã quando demos passamos para visitar o estande da Chainlink.  Espero que goste do momento que dividimos durante a conferencia Consensus 2022 na cidade de Austin Texas.  Não deixe de visitar, seguir o canal e assistir a todas as entrevistas Consensus com grandes especialistas da indústria brasileiros. Gostaria de ver as entrevistas Globais. acesse meu canal em Inglês para mais conteúdo exclusivo MamãeCrypto: Apoio Consensus 2022 - Bybit Exchange  Tudo de bom sempre, Michelle M. Social Media links:

Mommin' It Monday - Stream 41 - Crypto News April 27th, 2021


Our Mommin' It Monday's show was full of announcements this week! I am happy to say that we have finally launched the customized experience of the Odysee Platform for Brazilians and other Portuguese speakers and the site is looking simply so nice! Want to know more details about it check out my recent announcement here. In addition to showcasing international projects in other countries such as Brasil, I also announced my new Journey with MOSS.EARTH. Monday was my first day and since I always share with you what's going on in my life. I thought we would start by taking a quick peek but noticed the subject matter is quite polemic and we ended up talking about it. quite a lot. Since it is my first day please note that I am still in the process of learning the ins and outs of Moss.Earth and will soon be able to cover it in more detail as well. Why I was attracted to it? Many reasons that you will get to know over time. so after a long introduction, we ended up rocking on the news by bringing a bunch of current topics in the last 30 minutes. If you want to dive right into the news feel free to skip the first 30 minutes but you might enjoy what you see. It is UNIQUE that's for sure.

Below are the news topics also discussed on the LIVE. Hope you enjoy our Monday chat.

1. Turkish Crypto Exchanges Investigated for Fraud After Central Bank Bans #Cryptocurrency Use for Payments -

2. PayPal CEO, "Demand on the crypto side has been multiple-fold to what we initially expected." -

3. Eminem partners with Gemini’s Nifty Gateway to Launch his First NFT -

4. The spending life of U.S. teens: Chick-fil-A, Nike and bitcoin -

5. The head of Turkey's central bank ruled out a total ban of cryptocurrencies and said a wide range of crypto regulations is coming within two weeks, according to a published report -

6. The U.S. SEC is accusing Ripple (XRP) of 'harassment' -

All my best,

Michelle M.



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Consensus 2022 - Entrevista com Solange Gueiros desenvolvedora

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