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Campaign unites bitcoiners on autism awareness day

Original Article by Gustavo Marinho - - Translated by: Michelle Mafra

On World Autism Awareness Day, April 2, the cryptocurrency community comes together to help Joana, a 5-year-old child, perform stem cell treatment that will dramatically improve her quality of life.

Her father, a writer and journalist for the Cointelegraph Cássio Gusson, created a fund called “Jojo goes to Russia” in order to raise R $ 250,000 Reais about 45,000 dollars for the trip and her complete treatment. To contribute, you can send any amount in Bitcoin, stablecoins or other altcoins to any of Gusson's wallets.

If you prefer, you can join more than 256 supporters (so far) and donate any amount in reais, either by pix, boleto, credit card or PayPal on the donation Fund website. While this article is being written, Jojo has already raised R $70,786 or about 28% of his goal. 

Understand why Joana needs stem cell treatment

Joana was born with a genetic mutation in the MEF2C gene, which, as Cássio explains, causes “some differences in her little body”.

Today, she has difficult to control epilepsy, autism and cerebral palsy, however, she has evolved a lot in the midst of difficulties, ups and downs.

“Medicines and therapies are essential in her life, and in search of a new evolution, we want to take her to Russia, to undergo a new treatment with stem cells. There will be two infusions for the complete treatment. ”, Says Cássio in the description of fund page where he also leaves a video for the campaign:

Joana's father also left the link for a scientific study on the safety and efficiency of treatment. As the cost of treatment is unfortunately high for family reserves, the Bitcoin community is helping to raise these funds.

When donating, you can leave a message of support, either on Fund website or on the campaign's If you are unable to contribute any value, share the campaign with your friends!

Additional Note From Michelle

Several NFT Artists came together and donated Digital Art Pieces for this cause. The NFT Auction Benefiting Jojo is already set up and will be finalized on April 20th 2021. For art collectors out there it is your chance to collect a piece of ART that has been donated to make a diference. You can help Jojo improve her quality of life by acquiring ART. 

Access the Auctions here: 



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