Exploring Liteverse.io: The first NFT marketplace on the Litecoin network with my first collection dedicated to the Mighty Mia Event #dancingforjoy + Quick Sign up and funding tutorial

As one true OG  Litecoin   enthusiast, I wanted to test the site, or better, the NFT marketplace  Liteverse.io  since its launch in 2022. At first, I claimed Litecoin Summit collectors NFT. But, for several reasons, the test of minting my first NFT got a bit delayed. But now I finally have the time and the need to make use of it for a larger cause. I am sad I procrastinated a little. As it would have been a great honor to be the first one to give it a try, but given my lack of technical skills to use just code to mint outside of a marketplace, waiting was a great idea since the site is super user-friendly and it's quality has improved considerably. I would say Liteverse.io is ready for the mainstream. Minting on it or acquiring an NFT on the Litecoin network is now a Piece of cake! In this article I will describe my experience, the reason why my first series of NFTs was created, and most importantly the advantages and disadvantages of creating an nft (Non-fungible Token) or an nft

Mommin' It Monday - Stream 38 - Crypto News Mar 29th, 2021

Hello and happy you stopped by to join us on our Weekly Mommin' It Mondays Livestream, which happens every Monday LIVE on Litecoin Lisa's main Youtube channel. It is true that I do not have a YOUTUBE channel but you will find my presence there consistently in other channels such as Lisa's as well as Dash Dinheiro Digital where I am currently hosting a super awesome show in Portuguese called Cripto Mulheres, which mainly celebrates the Brazilian women in our industry. And there are many! Want to find all of my  video content in one spot? Stop by my Odysee channel and know that in my blog I make sure to feature everything and more! I try my best to share with you my journey, my thoughts, my dreams and aspirations, but know that none of this is Investment Advice. I am living and learning and making mistakes as I go thru this Amazing thing called Life. Very thank full for all the exchange of knowledge I have with you. So let's take a peak at what's hot in the world of Cryptos!

Topics we discussed this week

1.  Elon Musk says people can now buy a Tesla with bitcoin

2. Will @Gemini be the First Tier 1 US Exchange to bring $Theta to the masses?
3. Crypto.com launching NFT platform with exclusive content from artists

4. The blockchain-based lending platform and , the world's first decentralized artificial intelligence network, will be the pioneers of Cardano's b2b adoption.

5. Visa Settles USDC Transaction on Ethereum.

And many other random topics too. Hope to see you next week. 

All my best

Michelle M


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Exploring Liteverse.io: The first NFT marketplace on the Litecoin network with my first collection dedicated to the Mighty Mia Event #dancingforjoy + Quick Sign up and funding tutorial

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