Exploring Liteverse.io: The first NFT marketplace on the Litecoin network with my first collection dedicated to the Mighty Mia Event #dancingforjoy + Quick Sign up and funding tutorial

As one true OG  Litecoin   enthusiast, I wanted to test the site, or better, the NFT marketplace  Liteverse.io  since its launch in 2022. At first, I claimed Litecoin Summit collectors NFT. But, for several reasons, the test of minting my first NFT got a bit delayed. But now I finally have the time and the need to make use of it for a larger cause. I am sad I procrastinated a little. As it would have been a great honor to be the first one to give it a try, but given my lack of technical skills to use just code to mint outside of a marketplace, waiting was a great idea since the site is super user-friendly and it's quality has improved considerably. I would say Liteverse.io is ready for the mainstream. Minting on it or acquiring an NFT on the Litecoin network is now a Piece of cake! In this article I will describe my experience, the reason why my first series of NFTs was created, and most importantly the advantages and disadvantages of creating an nft (Non-fungible Token) or an nft

Mommin' It Monday - Stream 36 - Crypto News Mar 16th, 2021

Despite the little dip, we experienced in the crypto markets this week; Lisa and I continue to cover the most relevant crypto topics in our weekly news. In this episode, we not only covered several headlines but also get a chance to take an in-depth look at the features of Mimble Wimble technology. A technology that is currently being implemented to the Litecoin network as a side chain. 

As users, we are not often aware of all the details behind the work that is being developed behind the scenes, until we get to use the technology. And, despite not having used this side chain yet, fungibility is something that I am truly excited about. I cannot wait to make use of it and send Litecoin without revealing my full balance or my transaction history. That is a pretty awesome opt-in feature and I believe once it is fully out it, up, and running it will be making headlines as well. Watch and see what happens! (PS, not investment advice just a feature I am personally excited about ok!)

Heere is the recording of our last Mommin' It Monday show. It is packed with good stuff including a short intro and debate about NFTs (non-fungible tokens)


Articles discussed this week in addition to topics mentioned above.

1. MicroStrategy adds another $15 million in Bitcoin to its treasury holdings - Holds now: 91,326 BTC average price paid per BTC $57,146

2. Theta - At this time  Coinbase has 90 million Theta staked worth $582,770,729.88

3. A member of French Parliament has signed a petition that would allow the Central Bank of France to purchase Bitcoin

4. Decentralized Crypto Bank launching on flare network

5. Miami-Dade is close to signing a cryptocurrency company to replace American Airlines as the naming rights sponsor of the Miami Heat's downtown arena - A deal that would deliver the NBA its first venue tied to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

6. Due to near record Bitcoin Price of $59,656 Oakland A's Now selling suites for 1 full season for 1 Bitcoin

7. India to propose law banning cryptocurrency, penalizing mining, trading, possession. 

8. Reserve Bank of Australia looks to tap on blockchain for a CBDC. Examining the merits of launching its own blockchain based CBDC

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Exploring Liteverse.io: The first NFT marketplace on the Litecoin network with my first collection dedicated to the Mighty Mia Event #dancingforjoy + Quick Sign up and funding tutorial

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