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To say the least, Q1/2021 has demonstrated itself to be a special moment for the history books. The crypto space was bombarded with announcements such as   Tesla buying and accepting Bitcoin ,  Miami becoming a crypto citadel , and PayPal releasing its “ Checkout with Crypto ” pay option, to name a few. Interest in crypto has noticeably increased and by tuning into financial media outlets, one would notice that the term “crypto” is now commonly brought up. Learn All the details of the Report on Our New Litecoin Foundation Odysee Channel - Relevant Blog post will be posted on text format for your decentralized convenience: Original Complete Post Written By ALDO - Link:

Weekly Blockchain News with Mammycrypto Feb, 6th 2021

It is time to check out what is hot in Athene's cause we already know that the Crypto Markets this week have caught on fire! ETH and many other Altcoin decided to break into the new all-time highs, and investors cannot get enough. Let's take a peek at the top 6 headlines for this past week and try our best to get a sense of what's coming next. Are we due for another correction? Or are bulls going to continue to drive Bitcoin and altcoins into new highs? Are you getting used to this new perception of the market? And is everybody else? These are questions I keep asking myself daily, but above all, I try my best to enjoy the thrill of a Bull Run, hope you do too! In my opinion, information is power.

Find below the slide a link to each recommended article. In my opinion, all of them worth the read.

Sunday, Jan 31st, 2021: Indian government looking to crack down on crypto scams with proposed ban: Cashaa CEO

Monday, Feb 1st 2021: Robinhood CEO Unintentionally Makes the Case for DeFi

Tuesday, Feb 2nd 2021: MicroStrategy Adds to Bitcoin Trove With Another $10M Purchase


Wednesday, Feb 3rd 2021: China’s Central Bank Is Partnering With SWIFT on a New Joint Venture

Thursday, Feb 4th, 2021: New antitrust legislation aims to put an end to tech monopolies in the US

Friday, Feb 5th, 2021: Ethereum Blockchain Records 1 Billion Transactions

Saturday, Feb 6th, 2021: Enjoy your Saturday! 

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