How Blockchain Can (and Is!) Revolutionizing the Consumer Experience

How Blockchain Can (and Is!) Revolutionizing the Consumer Experience In our increasingly connected world, it is harder than ever to be sure we know the origins of what we’re buying. But blockchain technology could help shed light on our opaque supply chains.  Lemons from Peru, avocados from Mexico, tomatoes from Spain. The ingredients for your guacamole may be better traveled than you are. The abundance of exotic or out of season foods is trailed by a byzantine web of interdependent supply chains that present many problems.  Lack of details on provenance can make it difficult for consumers to know the origins of their food. A recall can cause direct costs of around $10 million and cause significant damage to a company’s reputation.  Bad supply chain management contributes heavily to the 14% of all food that spoils before it even reaches store shelves. And the COVID-19 pandemic has shown that weaknesses in our global food supply chain and poor industry practices can rise to the le

Weekly Blockchain News with Mammycrypto Jan, 9th 2021

This week Bitcoin continued to surprise us by setting new all-time highs. We have surpassed $40K and the overall crypto market capitalization continues to increase as bulls take over. This past week there were no Bitcoin dips left to buy, and we are all left wondering how far Bitcoin and many alt-coins will go. And that is not easy, or impossible to predict when Bitcoin reaches this new price discovery stage. 

We also celebrated the 12th anniversary of Bitcoin Genesis with new energy around it this year. With its birthday, we were reminded of the reason Bitcoin was created for. 

At the time, Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin, added a secret message to the code that reads "The Times 03/Jan/2009 Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks." (London Times Headline). Since Satoshi Nakamoto never really explained it, this message is interpreted by many as the mission behind Bitcoin. To become a financial tool created by the people for the people. A decentralized alternative to money. One that has limited supply and is incorruptible. 

And given the fact that bailouts only intensified since 2009. It is interesting to see people like us believing in the power of Bitcoin, and fascinating to see its growth since then. From $0 to $40K

Unlike many current topics that are often on the headline of popular publications today, Bitcoin is not often discussed to the mainstream consumer by big media players. Seams like most media outlets are only interested in the price fluctuations and are often a little late in their reporting in my opinion. There is no special interest behind Bitcoin and therefore big media players rarely want to talk about the technology itself.

On the other hand, there are several publications specialized in doing just that.  I am often there, picking and choosing great articles that I think showcases significant events, changes, and trends in the market today.

For this week those are:

Sunday, Jan 3rd, 2021: IRS to transition from ‘education to enforcement,’ says former division chief  -

Monday, Jan 4th 2021: OCC greenlights national banks to run nodes and stablecoin networks  -

Tuesday, Jan 5h 2021: The UK's ban on crypto derivatives is set to go into effect on Wednesday -

Wednesday, Jan 6th 2021: Newsweek's positive coverage of Bitcoin underscores paradigm shift in public perception

Thursday, Jan 7th, 2021: On-chain volumes for stable-coins reached a new monthly high in December

Friday, Jan 8th, 2021: Morgan Stanley Boosts Stake in Bitcoin-Laden MicroStrategy to 10.9%

Saturday, Jan 9th, 2021: Enjoy your Saturday! Yep new Milestone recorded for Bitcoin as it reached above $41,400 today. 

Extra video presentation to celebrate and educate newbies on where to find SAFE Bitcoin Information and education.

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