How Blockchain Can (and Is!) Revolutionizing the Consumer Experience

How Blockchain Can (and Is!) Revolutionizing the Consumer Experience In our increasingly connected world, it is harder than ever to be sure we know the origins of what we’re buying. But blockchain technology could help shed light on our opaque supply chains.  Lemons from Peru, avocados from Mexico, tomatoes from Spain. The ingredients for your guacamole may be better traveled than you are. The abundance of exotic or out of season foods is trailed by a byzantine web of interdependent supply chains that present many problems.  Lack of details on provenance can make it difficult for consumers to know the origins of their food. A recall can cause direct costs of around $10 million and cause significant damage to a company’s reputation.  Bad supply chain management contributes heavily to the 14% of all food that spoils before it even reaches store shelves. And the COVID-19 pandemic has shown that weaknesses in our global food supply chain and poor industry practices can rise to the le

Mammycrypto LBRY Channel Giveaway Drawing

Yesterday was the big day! Few days ago my Lbry and Odysee channels finally reached 500 Verified subscribes and It was about time to pop the Champagne and discover who won the 4 Lbry prize winners are! Total in prizes 250 LBC. YAY.

Watch the video and see how I conducted the drawing as well! It was fun planning to do more in the near future so stay tuned.

Congratulations to Winners!

4th prize 25 LBC - Number 49 @JuanDeDiosPantoja-Fans won 25 LBC

3rd Prize 50 LBC - Number 2 @andretyy

2nd Prize 75 LBC - Number 63 @Eduvar86

1st p'rize 100 LBC - Number 14 @landrynou

All prizes have been distributed directly to each winner as LBC tips.

Below is the list of every channel who participated in the Giveaway. Thank you so much for your support and for making Lbry and Odysee such a great community. Let's keep it free, clean and awesome!  

2. @andretyy
3. @hanahamidou140
4. @thedigitalibrary
5. @Ratan
6. @BTCfreecrypto
7. @ManishRawat
8. @joaopauloghizzo
9. @Rogerfast
10. @vickArg
11. @LicKika
12. @cuentosinfantilesrecopilacion
13. @tourotrader
14. @landrynou
15. @Chillout
16. @SimpleLife
17. @Jsandesu
18. @shehriyar
19. @PengePera
20. @hanahamidou140
21. @shipalangajh
22. @BoyPiso
23. @RenceG
24. @exdal
25. @joao4567.jos
26. @subilink
27. @pgsantos2215
28. @ablomblomx
29. @Valbu
30. @Cinthya
31. @detodo
32. @Pölskar_UC??????
33. @Anna
34. @RagimBox
35. @rayfran09
36. @hanahamidou140
37. @koolbreeze33
38. @Country-Music.
39. @Abstraction.S.D
40. @VocalTrance(Best)
41. @Eva.Lip.
42. @bidesign
43. @HeavyHell
44. @RagimBox
45. @Rustam.Jeka.
46. @Edic.Show
47. @rfkcnr0606
48. @safhee
49. @JuanDeDiosPantoja-Fans
50. @MacRoman
51. @SweetOlya
52. @ruoydnim
53. @lghb39
54. @Saralabibe
55. @Madhu
56. @Cariocadagema
57. @RePostCripto
58. @carloseduardo
59: @CritianChannel
60: @ditka3000
61: @magdyatibb
62: @UnPocodeTodoTop
63: @eduvar86
64: @PackdeLibros
65: @exdal

all my best
Michelle M



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