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Do you have a feeling that during the bull run, weeks do not go by they fly by? As you know the crypto markets are open 24 hours, 7 days a week. With the current volatility, it is truly hard to take the focus off the charts and into the news. But, a lot of the answers lay on the facts. And those happen to be everywhere. Headlines are simply a great market indicator. Especially if you know how to read them well.  At first, the headlines are just headlines. But as you dive into a collection of them, the most relevant topics end up embedded in the brain and pretty fast you start to grasp the correlation of how the market responds to each topic. For me, it has been an interesting process, true self-growth, and now I finally feel confident about my trades. Now I base my trades on facts, not emotions.  The path to a successful trade became more clear, and I hope that over time these articles can help bring more clarity to you as well. It takes time to understand all of the facets and when yo

Crypto is 24/7 and soon stocks shall be too. There is light in the end of the tunnel #bitcoin

For a Wall Street day trader arriving in the cryptocurrency markets, it is a surprise and often a tiring idea that crypto markets are open 24/7. In the world of crypto assets there is no market opening or closing, holidays, weekends nor circuit breakers. It is all digital and going on live 24/7.

 Until recently, crypto trading and investing were looked upon as too risky, volatile, and often tiring. But since, few recent events have caused havoc in the stock exchanges, retail investors are moving their funds elsewhere, and cryptocurrency exchanges are looking into capturing that market share. 

Cryptocurrency markets and exchanges are starting to be seen as more transparent than trading apps such as Robinhood, and decentralized exchanges are leaning towards being seen as the fairest of them all. 

Which recent event accelerated this trend?

In addition to the recent volatility in the commodity markets recently experienced in 2020 caused mainly by the initial scare of the pandemic. Yesterday many of us were left speechless with the Ronbihood Gamestop Episode. No better way to explain than Anthony Pompliano in his latest CNBC interview check it out:

Which Crypto exchanges are offering stocks?

Centralized and decentralized exchanges are now looking to integrate stocks into their offerings, as fast as possible. With some of them already making 24/7 stock trading available as of now. 

Yesterday the American centralized crypto exchange announced on a Press Release that " -Bittrex Global (Bermuda) Ltd. announced that it has listed tokenized stocks for GameStop and AMC Entertainment as well as Nokia, BlackBerry, and iShares Silver Trust. Bittrex Global will continue to list additional stocks as other firms announce a delisting from their platforms."

According to Bittrex "this decision is motivated to ensure retail investors have exposure to stocks they may wish to trade anytime during any day of the week. Bittrex Global aims to harness the power of distributed ledger technology to enable greater financial inclusion, instant settlement of trades, and lower trading fees."

And Bittrex is not the only one, Coinbase has already announced its plans to add stock commodities to its platform and Decentralized derivates exchanges such a Synthetics and others have been working to make Stock Trading completely decentralized and accessible to all. 


Investing in stocks is still considered a luxury and remains inaccessible for billions of people worldwide. The main reason for that is the limits imposed by existing platforms who act as gatekeepers, suffer from technical challenges and other limitations such as operational time. 

In addition as technology evolved enabling decentralized finance in such a simplistic form, many are left wondering what is the purpose for the intermediaries anyways? Banks, stock brokerage firms even hedge funds could all become obsolete when people realize they can be their own banks.


In my opinion it is just a matter of time until we all flock into the new decentralized system. Happy I already took my leap. Hope to see YOU on the other side. 

All my best
Michelle M


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