Litecoin Q1 2021 Report - Litecoin Foundation Guest Post

To say the least, Q1/2021 has demonstrated itself to be a special moment for the history books. The crypto space was bombarded with announcements such as   Tesla buying and accepting Bitcoin ,  Miami becoming a crypto citadel , and PayPal releasing its “ Checkout with Crypto ” pay option, to name a few. Interest in crypto has noticeably increased and by tuning into financial media outlets, one would notice that the term “crypto” is now commonly brought up. Learn All the details of the Report on Our New Litecoin Foundation Odysee Channel - Relevant Blog post will be posted on text format for your decentralized convenience: Original Complete Post Written By ALDO - Link:

Celebrating 1000 Subscribers on Lbry / Odysee


Celebrating 7 Months and 1000 Subscribers on LBRY

Let me just start by Thank you and letting you know that YOU are the best and the reason why I enjoy creating crypto content on a daily basis. If you subscribed to my LBRY Channel @mammycrypto this post celebrates YOU! 

I am truly grateful for all the support I have received from you since my arrival on the LBRY platform, and I never expected that so many people would subscribe to my channel in such a short time. 

I guess I was so used to posting videos on YouTube and hardly getting any views, whatsoever any form of financial return.

LBRY is truly a refreshing and very rewarding platform. When I arrived on LBRY, I immediately felt a strong sense of community, of mutual respect and that, has made my virtual experience so special. Yep, I am happy to say I have made new friends and I consider you to be one of them. 

As a big thank you to the community and my birth-country of Brazil, the best thing I can do is to contribute to the platform in my first language, Portuguese. With the help of the Lbry community (discord members) I have received the support to create a special OdyseeBR (Brazil) page where I compiled a series of translations that can help Portuguese speaking newbies dive into both Lbry and Odysee platform. This in addition to my Portuguese Channel @mamãecrypto which also offers a ton of Lbry and Odysee tutorials that can be helpful here and there. 

Hope that this action will help bring more Brazilians into the platform, and as consequence add more diversity, more life, more rhythm and color. 

Check it out:

Thinking of joining in? Support my channel by using my invite link and also receive an invitation LBC bonus directly from LBRY that you wouldn't receive otherwise. I do too!$/invite/@mammycrypto:c (Score!)

You will be surprised by how many incentives the platform is currently providing.

Also, if you looking for more features and faster video download speeds give the new Odysee Platform a try$/invite/@mammycrypto:c .

You will be surprised by the speed and enhanced features of this LBRY backed platform.

All my best,
Michelle M.
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