How Blockchain Can (and Is!) Revolutionizing the Consumer Experience

How Blockchain Can (and Is!) Revolutionizing the Consumer Experience In our increasingly connected world, it is harder than ever to be sure we know the origins of what we’re buying. But blockchain technology could help shed light on our opaque supply chains.  Lemons from Peru, avocados from Mexico, tomatoes from Spain. The ingredients for your guacamole may be better traveled than you are. The abundance of exotic or out of season foods is trailed by a byzantine web of interdependent supply chains that present many problems.  Lack of details on provenance can make it difficult for consumers to know the origins of their food. A recall can cause direct costs of around $10 million and cause significant damage to a company’s reputation.  Bad supply chain management contributes heavily to the 14% of all food that spoils before it even reaches store shelves. And the COVID-19 pandemic has shown that weaknesses in our global food supply chain and poor industry practices can rise to the le

Weekly Blockchain News with Mammycrypto Dec, 19th 2020

This week was full of surprises when it comes to crypto markets. Bitcoin finally broke its last all time high reaching $20,000 and smashing thru resistance all the way to $24,000s. High market cap altcoins such as Litecoin and Ethereum also had a sharp increase and looks like alt-season has finally been confirmed with lots of low market cap altcoins (the famous shit coins) showing a price increase as well.

Many were many important crypto headlines this week as the bull market continues to pick up strong and the cryptocurrency markets gets highlighted globally. Price is not the only important topic talked in the media. As the total market cap of cryptocurrencies continue to increase it is expected that we encounter more talks regarding regulation, security, scalability, accessibility and more.

Below is my quick presentation with a suggestion of few relevant articles that were worth the read for this past week. Make sure to follow my Lbry channel and stop by regularly. I curate these headlines especially for you every week. 

For your convenience, I posted the links to each article featured below this quick presentation. the presentation includes the current BTC price as well as the current fear/greed index, which measures the bitcoin market sentiment (market indicator I often check).

Sunday, Dec 13th 2020: Fidelity’s Custody Business Around Bitcoin ‘Incredibly Successful’: Johnson -

Monday, Dec 14th 2020: CFTC Committee Takes On Tough Question of Regulating DeFi -


Tuesday, Dec 15th 2020: A new project built on the Bitcoin sidechain RSK is gunning to advance decentralized finance (DeFi) on Bitcoin’s ecosystem -

Wednesday, Dec 16th 2020: New to Bitcoin? Stay Safe and Avoid These Common Scams

Thursday, Dec 17th 2020: Coinbase announces IPO in a milestone for the crypto industry

Friday, Dec 18th, 2020: It's here: Treasury proposes rule to monitor crypto going to self-hosted wallets  -

Saturday, Dec 19th, 2020: Enjoy your Saturday! Yep new Milestone recorded for Bitcoin as it reached above $24,000 today. 

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Weekly Blockchain News with Mammycrypto Dec, 12th 2020


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