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Do you have a feeling that during the bull run, weeks do not go by they fly by? As you know the crypto markets are open 24 hours, 7 days a week. With the current volatility, it is truly hard to take the focus off the charts and into the news. But, a lot of the answers lay on the facts. And those happen to be everywhere. Headlines are simply a great market indicator. Especially if you know how to read them well.  At first, the headlines are just headlines. But as you dive into a collection of them, the most relevant topics end up embedded in the brain and pretty fast you start to grasp the correlation of how the market responds to each topic. For me, it has been an interesting process, true self-growth, and now I finally feel confident about my trades. Now I base my trades on facts, not emotions.  The path to a successful trade became more clear, and I hope that over time these articles can help bring more clarity to you as well. It takes time to understand all of the facets and when yo

My Favorite Lbry Channels - Crypto, Blockchain, Investing Category

I am pleased to share with you a list of my favorite crypto and blockchain Lbry content creators. I find all the Lbry channels below to be very resourceful, and I love the fact that these content creators have already migrated to the LBRY Platform. Making it super easy for me to AVOID YouTube altogether.

So, whether you are new to the LBRY Platform looking into populating your lbry main page with cryptocurrency-related content, or you are already just looking into add good variety to your current list. Below you will find some of my personal favorites. I am keeping this list  short adding up to 10 channels to it today, but know that there are several others that I did not get a chance to showcase today. It would be overwhelming for YOU so I will break the ever-growing list down into as many articles as I need. Hehe!

Most of the names included in this 1st list, you may recognize already. And that is great! This way, it is going to be super easy for you to give them a follow and show them your support on the LBRY platform. Unfortunately, many crypto related channels were already demonetized or banned altogether from Youtube so your support on Lbry goes a long way.

Also, know that all of these channels are available on the Odysse platforms as well. Odysee is a video platform powered by lbry, that offers a more intuitive experience for those coming directly from Youtube and are not ready to dive into the blockchain aspect of the lbry network. Streaming speeds are also faster so if you are new to lbry and prefer a more intuitive experience do not leave before giving Odysee a try.

When it comes to crypto content it is always a good idea to diversify and get a range of perspectives until you can find your path and hone in your intuition. So let's get to my list of favorites!

1.  Andreas Antonopoulos - https://lbry.tv/@aantonop:8 (Lbry Subs 4137) -  Andreas "is a best-selling author, speaker, educator, and one of the world’s foremost bitcoin and open blockchain experts. He is known for delivering electric talks that combine economics, psychology, technology, and game theory with current events, personal anecdote, and historical precedent effortlessly transliterating the complex issues of blockchain technology out of the abstract and into the real world.

2. Naomi Brockwell -   https://lbry.tv/@NaomiBrockwell:4 (Lbry Subs 32473) - "NBTV: a privacy, technology, blockchain channel offering privacy tips, easy-to-understand tutorials, interviews with industry leaders, crypto news and the cultural impact of emerging tech

3. Ivan On Tech - https://lbry.tv/@ivanontech:a (Lbry Subs 7841) - One of the most influential crypto personalities Ivan covers market price, trends and news on a daily basis. Some of his daily audience include few popular names such as Peter Shiff. He is always on top of what's going on.

4. Chico Crypto - https://lbry.tv/@ChicoCrypto:f (Lbry Subs 5910) -I like Chico because he dives deep into projects of his interest and he is specialized in connecting dots and understanding the paths each network is taking. Really enjoy his insight.

5. Mark Moss - https://lbry.tv/@MarkMoss:7 (Lbry Subs 798) - Mark is a well rounded investor covering a range of assets such as stocks, real state, precious metals, and yes cryptocurrencies. I really enjoy his Macro and micro economic perspectives and I am always stopping by to check out his latest insight.

6. Crypto Stache - https://lbry.tv/@CryptoStache:e  (Lbry Subs 363) - Crypto Stache is super fun and super knowdgeble when it comes to blockchain technology, gaming, non-fungible assets and so much more. He really has fun navigating the world of blockchain and I love learning in fun ways. Sometimes practice is better than theory and honestly by trying blockchain platforms, games and apps I learned so much. With Stache you can at check out the full experience before giving it a try!

7. Crypto Tips (Heidi) - https://lbry.tv/@Crypto-Tips:b  (Lbry Subs 6998) - Heidi is very knowledgeable and she is out there sharing her best crypto tips with the world. Her content is a mix of Bitcoin and Altcoin Emerging trends, Hacks, scams and what to watch out for as well as Global economy and how it affects the crypto-sphere. I find her content to be very valuable. 

8. Kenn Bosak - https://lbry.tv/@kennbosak:9 (Lbry Subs 332) Kenn Bosak is everybody's bro bro! With his super chill attitude he brings in some of the industry leaders for fun casual chats that we all learn so much from. Nothing is scripted in his show. Expect total authenticity and lots of fun interactive content such as games, NTFs and so much more.

9. Crypto Wendy O - https://lbry.tv/@CRYPTOWENDYO:4 (Lbry Subs 692) Wendy is the proof that girls can chart and become successful traders. Wendy 0 not only charts her crypto paths but shares her insight with us on the O Show. She is not only an expert trader but also pretty influential in the community and often showcases great interviews, tutorials and reviews. 

10. Scott C Business - https://lbry.tv/@ScottCBusiness:4 (Lbry Subs 27570) Scott is another content creator covering crypto and blockchain technology as he dives into a variety of blockchain platforms. He often describe his experience with each platform and services, create comprehensive tutorials/ reviews and also a range of interviews. His channel is among the top 30 Lbry channels, way above his Youtube which is quite refreshing as well! Hope he continue to shine.

Hope you enjoyed this fun list of Crypto & Blockchain content creators I created for you. That's just a few out of a bunch more that I enjoy learning from. List #2 coming soon. Also, hope you find this list handy as the holiday weekend approaches and we all have some cozy free time to enjoy some educational content. That's one of my favorite hobbies. Please make sure to stop by my little Lbry channel as well @Mammycrypto. Here is a quick link just in case: https://lbry.tv/@mammycrypto:c

If you need a referral link to start your Lbry journey with a EXTRA LBC (Lbry credit) prize you can use mine here: https://lbry.tv/$/invite/@mammycrypto:c Please know that by using the referral links within my articles you are supporting my content and channel at no cost to you. The reward we received is provided by the enterprise enabling the program. In this case, the Lbry Foundation. Thank you very much for your support! It enables me to keep on going.

All my best

Michelle M


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