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Better late than never. The update may come a little late for those who did not get a chance to stop by our livestream on May 31st. But if you are curious about the important topics and headlines going arounds those days this is the stream you must watch as we cover every thing you need to know between May 24th and the 31st of 2020. It is here all recorded for you in a 30 minute compact episode of our Mommin' It Mondays Show.  Despite being super busy I hope I can continue to squeeze in this special show. I love it cause IT too keeps me UP TO DATE. Tudo de bom, Michelle M.

How to Run a Theta EdgeCast Node and Earn t-fuel

In this write up I plan to showcase all the necessary steps necessary to set up the new Theta EdgeCast node. The process is fairly simple and I will cover details that I think it is important to focus on to avoid mistakes. In my case, I managed to make few mistakes here and there because I lacked knowledge of the process and I will highlight in specific few issues I had and the order in which the setup must be made in order to avoid having to do it again like I had to. I will jump straight into the tutorial and below I will give a brief explanation of what the Theta platform is all about.

How to Run a Theta EdgeCast Node Set up Process

Step 1. 

Set up an official Theta Wallet at - As you do so make sure to follow all the security steps required by the Theta wallet application. It is very important to know where you saved your keystone file as it enables you to access your wallet in the future together with your password. Make sure you use an intricate password but one that you can remember. There is a way to reset it in case you lose it. Take the necessary measures to protect it! In addition, the wallet will provide you a mnemonic phrase that you should write down and keep in a safe place, with your mnemonic phrase your wallet can be recovered on another device without the need of your keystone file. I know it sounds complicated, but as long as you keep all the information that is provided to you during the initial installation SAFE all the t-fuel that you earn from running an edge cast node will be safe, if not you can easily lose access to your funds and nobody is there other than you to help yourself. With crypto comes tons of responsibility.

Click Create Wallet

Create Password
Download Keystone
Unlock Wallet

Write Down Your Mnemonic Phrase
Keep it in a SAFE place 

All set to proceed with EdgeCast Set up

You will need your wallet receiving address to complete the node set up.

To access it click on the button receive within your wallet and you should see a receiving address as well as a QR code similar to the one above. You can already copy your receiving address as it will be needed in one following step.

( Also wanted to highlight that, at this point, I made a big mistake when I decided to skip this step. I wanted to be practical and assumed other wallets such as Trust or Ledger would be compatible with the EdgeCast node, but I was wrong. After running it for a few days and despite the node giving me the impression that everything was working well, I had a feeling and decided to ask the question on the Theta Discord Support. Immediately, I learned that it is essential to stick with the Official Theta Wallet and was instructed to uninstall my previous Edgecast downloaded files. Once I had my official Theta Wallet set up it just took few minutes to get it back up again)

Step 2. Download the Official EdgeCast Node and install it on your device - You can find additional information and a link for the download in this link: - Once the download is complete the software will ask you to paste your T-fuel/Theta (Noticed they are both the same) and you will then paste the address you just copied from your newly created Theta wallet. Once that is done make sure that your settings are on and know that your recast node has already started working for you. It should look just like this

Important Facts to Note: 

Now I will cover a few facts about the Theta network that I think is important to highlight. For those familiar with the platform already and interested to learn what is coming up next I certainly recommend watching its most recent AMA Lots of exciting things coming soon and outstanding, the work that was completed so far. 

For those who are unfamiliar with Theta network. Here is a quick summary as noted on the official website: "Theta Network is the leading video delivery network powered by blockchain technology. Theta allows users to simultaneously watch video content and earn token rewards for relaying video to other users who are also watching the same content."

What is Edgecast? "Theta Edgecast is the first fully decentralized video streaming DApp that is 100% built on Theta’s native blockchain technology with smart contracts. This technology stack includes the ability to capture video, transcode it in the real-time, cache, and relay to users globally all through Theta’s peer-to-peer edge network composed of over 2000 edge nodes today. This means not a central server or service is used. 

What type of resources an I providing to Edgecast? Once we download and use the EdCast as a contributor you are sharing your excess bandwidth and resources, which enables the Theta network to provide high-quality streaming. You are only sharing unused bandwidth and resources which does not jeopardize the quality of your experience. It is there running in the background.

Can I stream using Edgecast? Yes you can, you can not only watch other streams directly from EdgeCast but you can also stream content by using a streaming application such as OBS Studio - Link: For more official information on how to stream on Theta Edgecast access the link here:

Are more features going to be added? Certainly, if you watch the AMA you shall get excited about the future of THETA. TV and Theta Network in general. 

If you did not give it the platform a try yet, I do recommend checking out the platform before diving directly into EdgeCast. One of my favorite channels is NASA ( Lots of quality, exclusive content are in already.  

Also, It is a very welcoming and engaging community and i learned a lot about the experience. Partially because Theta makes it so much easy and fun to interact by providing content creators with so many ways to engage that it is simply CRAZY. Once YouTubers get to know what is coming next with prizes transforming into NFTs it will be an explosion. I want to be ready, very ready for that!

Thank you so much for being here, listening to my mango jumbo. Seriously, it means a lot. 

If you need a referral code to get started with a prize crate for you and me here it is:

All my best
Michelle M

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Sam C said…
Thank you so much for the detailed article about setting up the Theta Edge Node. One question I have, that you might be able to help with is: do you earn Tfuel watching streams in the edgecast like you would on I have searched the interwebs and cannot seem to find a direct answer.

I appreciate any insight you may have!


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