Weekly Blockchain News with Mammycrypto Sept. 17th 2022

Hi there,   I hope you are ready for another Crypto News Weekly! As you probably know, the highlight of the week, has been the much anticipated Ethereum Merge. Finally, the Ethereum upgrade has finalized successfully, and the market can lose some of the anxiety revolving around it. Oddly despite a successful delivery from developers and the community, the price of ethereum has taken a big dip. My guess is: Partly due to the fact that this upgrade does not fix its most important issue regarding usability, which is the high cost of transaction fees.  There are other relevant headlines for the week, so be sure to press play on the slide, feel the title, and if you get extra curious; there is always a direct link to each article below, ready for you to click and read it in my detail.  Sunday September 11th, 2022:   Latin America is ready for crypto — just integrate it with their payment systems  -  https://cointelegraph.com/news/latin-america-is-ready-for-crypto-just-integrate-it-with-thei

Mommin' It Monday - Stream 20 - Crypto News Nov 2, 2020

Our 20th episode of the Mommin' It Monday is simply packed with the latest headlines in crypto. Join me and Lisa as we dive into a variety of topics. 

We start by discussing the latest article in my blog, "What Americans are Invested in", and pull some of the data I gathered in the research. Pretty interesting to compare the percentage of Americans invested in Bitcoin, Gold, Silver, Stocks, 401K, and Real state. If you want to read it you can access it with this link.

We move on to discuss a few other articles as well as the current YouTubers versus Google hearing that happened today and got extended to tomorrow. This topic is quite personal to me as I was personally affected by the algorithm and had my channel banned in late 2019. We will continue to follow up on this news.

Here is a list of the additional articles we discussed live during our stream. 

1. Venezuela expands the scope of its remittance platform with Bitcoin and Litecoin 


2. Square funds designer to make crypto wallets usable by anyone


3. China’s digital yuan pilots have processed $300M so far, says PBoC head


Thank you to everyone who joined us and in case you missed it this week make sure to sign up to Lisa's Channel, click on that notification button so you can get a notification when we go LIVE. We try our best to meet every week and I hope to see you next Monday!

In case you miss our episode you can always find all of our recordings on my LBRY channel as well as Lisa Lbry channel. It is a great Back up and profitable for our audience too. Win-win situation for decentralization.

All my best,

Michelle M.


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