How Blockchain Can (and Is!) Revolutionizing the Consumer Experience

How Blockchain Can (and Is!) Revolutionizing the Consumer Experience In our increasingly connected world, it is harder than ever to be sure we know the origins of what we’re buying. But blockchain technology could help shed light on our opaque supply chains.  Lemons from Peru, avocados from Mexico, tomatoes from Spain. The ingredients for your guacamole may be better traveled than you are. The abundance of exotic or out of season foods is trailed by a byzantine web of interdependent supply chains that present many problems.  Lack of details on provenance can make it difficult for consumers to know the origins of their food. A recall can cause direct costs of around $10 million and cause significant damage to a company’s reputation.  Bad supply chain management contributes heavily to the 14% of all food that spoils before it even reaches store shelves. And the COVID-19 pandemic has shown that weaknesses in our global food supply chain and poor industry practices can rise to the le

Fear is an affection

 Today I wanted to share a text written by my dear childhood friend and psychologist/psychoanalyst Adriana Prosdocimi.  We will not be talking about Cryptocurrencies or blockchain technology, we will rather try to connect with ourselves and understand our deep feelings of fear. A feeling or as she presented an affection that we all experience and that has certainly been exacerbated by the 2020 Pandemic. Here is a fresh  outlook! (Michelle M.)

Be wary of your fears, they can point you in the direction of your dreams.

We are afraid to be afraid. And it shouldn't be that way, because fear is a very useful feeling. It protects us, defends us from external and internal dangers, but also from the fulfillment of our dreams.

But how? Fear sometimes protects us from doing what we want. As it is often difficult to know what you really want, we have to take advantage of the clues and fear is one of them.

If fear causes anxiety in the face of a possibility of failure, in some way it tells us what “success” would be then. If fear paralyzes us, we do not fail, but neither do we achieve.

Fear tells about how a stimulus affects us and the emotion that evokes us, that is, about how we respond to that stimulus. So, what is your choice: to accept or repress?

Welcoming fear, an act of courage

If fear is a feeling of human nature, we should really ask ourselves this question: accept it or repress it?

To welcome, you need to transform your perception of fear.

When a stimulus (internal or external) causes fear, it evokes a response, an emotion. There are several ways to respond to this fear: by disguising, disguising, with emotions such as anger, sadness or tyranny.

Fear can go through a phase of indeterminacy and there it appears as anguish. Canceling fear or pretending that it does not exist, without trying to find out what causes that feeling, can lead to depression, anxiety and emotional disturbances.

The way out of indeterminacy is when anguish turns into fear, when the object (which causes fear) becomes clearer, which gives us more possibilities to do something with it.

Doing something means, in some way, focusing on what generates pain, embracing that feeling and not avoiding it at all costs. One of the possible solutions is courage, which involves focusing on what causes discomfort.

"Courage is a virtue that arises from the treatment we give to fear and maturity has to do with the ability to develop more complex reactions to the fear we feel." Christian Dunker, psychoanalyst and professor at the Institute of Psychology at the University of São Paulo.

Choose courage and not fear. Courage is not an absence of fear, this is nonsense. Courage is the confrontation of fear, which includes recognition and acceptance. Fear can paralyze, but it can also be a spring, an impulse that leads to its crossing and to great achievements.

What are you afraid of? 

By Adriana Prosdocimi 

Psychologist/ Psycoanalyst 

Find original in Portuguese at:

Translated by: Michelle M.

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