Mommin' It Monday - Stream 23 - Crypto News Nov 30th, 2020

Today our Mommin' It Monday's episode coincided with Cyber Monday. How exciting is that! To celebrate I am offering today up to 60% Off T-Shirts, Business Cards, Tote Bags & other items in my Crypto Swap Shop with coupon code  CYBERMONDEAL.  Follow this link directly to store and check out my crypto designs. I made sure that you will find something special and unique for everyone! Also, the products in my store can be customized with your name, your socia media handle, a personal message or even a picture. Zazzle is SUPER COOL and makes shopping really fun! Hope you enjoyed the little correction the crypto markets experienced over the last few days. If you had set buys it was certainly the right time despite the height. Today it is clear that Bitcoin and altcoins decided to keep on moving up and while they do we watch the market attentively as we receive updates on a variety of topics. And most importantly share the most relevant ones on our weekly Mommin' It Monday&#

MammyCrypto 250 LBC Giveaway Update

We are getting close to our GIVEAWAY drawing as my Lbry account approaches 500 verified subscribers, Only 103 to go. As of today, @Mammycrypto (English) has 661 subs, @Mamãecrypto (Portuguese) has 143 and combined the accounts have 397 verified subs. Here is a fresh screen shot that showcasing the number.

It has only been five months since I joined the LBRY community, and I could not be more thankful for the warm reception. I have made many new friends and have participated in a few promotions as well, and the community is truly pushing us to strive. I love the energy, I love the support, and I enjoy the fact that we can see solid earnings in our accounts right away. That is a huge plus. 

Also, the improvements are vast. In a short period, I have been using the platform, I have witnessed a lot of improvements and updates that have enhanced my experience greatly. On LBRY I can feel the organic growth of its network on its core if you know what I mean. I hope that this network of amazing people will continue to strive and gain popularity over time.

So here is an updated list of everyone that has participated in the 250 LBC giveaway so far. If you participated, please make sure that your Lbry handle is included on this list. It should! If you are not, please make sure to check out this LBRY post: and enter the giveaway for a chance to WIN!

There is still time to enter for a chance to win one of the 3 prizes totaling 250 Lbry Credits combined.

Participants List:

2. @andretyy
3. @hanahamidou140
4. @thedigitalibrary
5. @Ratan
6. @BTCfreecrypto
7. @ManishRawat
8. @joaopauloghizzo
9. @Rogerfast
10. @vickArg
11. @LicKika
12. @cuentosinfantilesrecopilacion
13. @tourotrader
14. @landrynou
15. @Chillout
16. @SimpleLife
17. @Jsandesu
18. @shehriyar
19. @PengePera
20. @hanahamidou140
21. @shipalangajh
22. @BoyPiso
23. @RenceG
24. @exdal
25. @joao4567.jos
26. @subilink
27. @pgsantos2215
28. @ablomblomx
29. @Valbu
30. @Cinthya
31. @detodo
32. @Pölskar_UC??????
33. @Anna
34. @RagimBox
35. @rayfran09
36. @hanahamidou140
37. @koolbreeze33
38. @Country-Music.
39. @Abstraction.S.D
40. @VocalTrance(Best)
41. @Eva.Lip.
42. @bidesign
43. @HeavyHell
44. @RagimBox
45. @Rustam.Jeka.
46. @Edic.Show
47. @rfkcnr0606
48. @safhee
49. @JuanDeDiosPantoja-Fans
50. @MacRoman
51. @SweetOlya
52. @ruoydnim

53. @lghb39
54. @Saralabibe
55. @Madhu
56. @Cariocadagema
57. @RePostCripto
58. @carloseduardo

If you are on this participant list, also make sure that you have re-posted the Giveaway post. I noticed only 51 participants reposted out of the 58 names on the list and winners that did not re-post will be disqualified. I will check the account to validade repost before applying the LBRY Winning TIP.

Once again Thank you very much for YOUR SUPPORT! If you have not signed up for the LBRY platform make sure to use my referral link so we can both win additional LBC prizes.

All my best,
Michelle M.
Online Crypto Swag Store
Lbry Channel English: @Mammycrypto
Lbry Canal Português: @MamãeCrypto



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