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Another catch up episode of our Mommin' It Mondays show. This episode was Livestreamed on  June 7th right after we came back from the Bitcoin conference 2021. We were exhausted then but happy to share with you some exciting moments we experienced in the largest crypto conference that ever took place. Since then the crypto market scenario has changed quite a lot so be sure to catch up with the series of Mommin" It Mondays episodes that I will be posting on the blog this week. Catch up time baby! Let's Roll. All my best Michelle M Social Media links:

GoodDollar - Universal Basic Income in the making

The concept of Universal Income has become a huge topic in the year 2020. I first heard about it on Twitter, as a suggestion made by the presidential candidate Andrew Yang. The concept, which sounded interesting to me but a little progressive for my view then, soon started to sound pretty effective once the 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic hit. Countries all over the world had to speed up the process of getting money into people's hands and since then we have seen many central banks around the world talking about and even implementing digital currencies to facilitate the process of giving money to people in need. 

Universal income did not become a reality as of yet, but most people felt this year, what it was like to receive government "HELP" and that help, for now, was called stimulus. What if that help came from other sources? What if more fortunate people decide to help the less fortunate?

Let's imagine a program that is funded by the rich, one that generates interest, and one that provides Universal Income to people in need. Well, something like this is already being created and it is totally up to us to make this work. The name of the so-called blockchain project or platform is GoodDollar and so far has distributed more than $6.9 Million in universal income. That is pretty awesome.

How is this possible?

At first, I was very skeptical of the site. When I hear of a site giving free money there is a very good chance that I will not even stop by, since it is probably a scam. But I briefly heard about this project while attending Blockchain Summit Invest and something about it prompted me to take a closer look. And I am glad that I did. After stopping by the website and taking a look at the whole business plan, the problem, and the solution I realized it was possible and few big names decided to do it.

Who is behind

GoodDollar was founded by Yoni Assia, who also founded and launched the E-Toro crypto exchange. As of right now, has $59K staked on its network staked for the GOOD. These are cryptocurrency "hodlers" who staked part of their crypto assets to generate interest that is given to claimers. Claimers are anyone and everyone who needs Universal Basic Income. We, the people, are the ones standing behind the project. But in addition to us, GoodDollar stands behind a progressive idea that is certainly growing within our society. As automation takes place we must figure out how people will get rewarded to avoid the ever-increasing income inequality that is taking over the world. It is all about sharing the pie

In conclusion,  I am writing this article to get the word out about this UNIQUE project, for those who decide to take a peak. Anyone can claim their share of GoodDollar. As of now, I do not know any major details about the project. I just took a quick look at it and felt it offers a good solution for a real problem. This write up is not investment advice, just a fast overview. 

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