Mommin It Mondays episode November 29th 2021

Hi amigos, It is time to catch up with our Mommin' It Mondays episode. This one was recorded on November 29th before the most recent market correction. Check out what was brewing then and if you get a chance come join us for our weekly Monday's Live which take place on Lisa's channel at 2:00 PM PST time. Live can be joined in via my Twitter account as well. Join the fun and do not hesitate to ask questions too and give your 2 satoshis about the topics we are discussing too. The community is very open and alive check it out! All my best Michelle M Social Media links:   

LBRY New Feature: Write & edit articles directly on LBRY.TV

Hi everyone, LBRY.TV just released a new text editing tool and users are excited about it. Previously the only way to post text or articles on the LBRY Decentralized content sharing platform was to create it elsewhere and upload it as a compatible file. The process was a bit intricate but now, with the addition of a text editing tool, it is much simpler. With this new tool, anyone can simply join in, start writing, and post away! I will make sure to show you how to make use of this basic tool. 

Step 1 - Joining the LBRY.TV platform. It is free and quite rewarding to sign up and join in. Also, users who use my Invite Link receive an instant LBC credit, which can be transferred or used towards posting. Once joining in, it is good to get familiar with the platform, follow a few channels, and visit the rewards section to claim a few welcoming LBC rewards.

Step 2 - To create the first text post click on the cloud and  following click upload

Step 3 - Pick the Post option - (File is for files such as video, audio, or image upload not for writing text). 

Step 4 - Start writing. The new text editing tools are fairly simple, or better too basic. However, although the editor does not give the user the ability to insert images or embedded content to the posts, the new feature, in general, comes in really handy for anyone looking to share text content within the LBRY ecosystem. It is simple but does the job if you know what I mean. Also note, LBRY already announced that they are currently working on adding images and embedded content to the editor and we can always add an AWESOME title image or use Basic Syntax code in the meantime.

Step 5 - Add a thumbnail image to your post. Be creative! A Picture is worth one thousand words. A great picture is worth way more than that believe me!

Step 6 - Pick 5 appropriate Tags. Make sure that the tag words you use relate to the content you have written about. 

Step 7 - Pick the appropriate channel, language, name, preferred license and price (if you decide to charge) for the content created.

Step 8 - Voila! Hit Publish and a few minutes later the text is live and forever recorded on the LBRY blockchain. 

If you are a content creator on the LBRY network make sure that you are taking full advantage of the LBC incentives you can earn as a creator. Learn how to Enable LBC Creator Rewards here Another important tool that will enhance the visibility of your content greatly is the LBRY Support. I will make sure to share the Ins and outs of the LBRY Support Tool on my next video. 

This Article has been repurposed and also published on Lbry. Check it out using this link: 

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