Mommin' It Monday - Episode 10 - Crypto News

In case you missed our Mommin' It Mondays last week I got you covered as I am posting the episode on the blog a little late this week. This week Lisa and I start the episode discussing one of my recent articles and videos comparing the differences, unique traits, and features of two emerging decentralized content charing platforms, the and addition during the show, we also covered a few crypto news headlines that we feel are relevant for this upcoming week. First and foremost we talk about Bitcoin price and volatility of the market. As recorded on Zero Hedge, Bitcoin hits 1 year high then dumps 1 billion. As the week goes on Bitcoin continues to recover settling this weekend above $11500. Second, we highlight the Top 5 Currency's to watch this week by Cointelegraph. And thirdly we discuss the article by Zero Hedge titled: The US announces action against many China Software Companies. Example Tik Tok.
I apologize for posting the episode late this week. After …

Trust Wallet Referral Program is BACK!


I have been a user of the Trust Wallet for over 2 years now, and have been following its fast development since then. Trust Wallet is certainly one of the most versatile mobile self custodial wallets, focusing on the interoperability of blockchains and the first Ethereum Mobile Wallet to implement support for other blockchains such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and others. 

The progress with Trust Development is fast and on point. And I think the two factors contributing to its success and growth is first the vision, focus and hard work of its creator Viktor Radchenko, and second the financial backing it received from Binance.

Recently Trust Wallet issued its Token and to celebrate Trust re-launched its referral program enabling users to EARN TWT.  Below are all the details regarding the TRUST REFERRAL PROGRAM as noted on their web site:

"Refer your friends, earn TWT

When a new user downloads Trust Wallet with your referral code and buys $50+ worth of crypto in the app, both of you will receive 500 TWT.

As a bonus, the first 10,000 successful referrals under this new program will receive a 500 TWT bonus, meaning both the referrer and the referee get 1,000 TWT each!

Rewards will be paid 1-2 days after a successful referral and in the near future, we hope to make the referral rewards instant."

The program starts tomorrow:  August 1, 2020 

Get Ready... Set... Go! 

To start here is my Referral Link:


All my best,
Michelle M.
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