Mommin' It Monday - Episode 10 - Crypto News

In case you missed our Mommin' It Mondays last week I got you covered as I am posting the episode on the blog a little late this week. This week Lisa and I start the episode discussing one of my recent articles and videos comparing the differences, unique traits, and features of two emerging decentralized content charing platforms, the and addition during the show, we also covered a few crypto news headlines that we feel are relevant for this upcoming week. First and foremost we talk about Bitcoin price and volatility of the market. As recorded on Zero Hedge, Bitcoin hits 1 year high then dumps 1 billion. As the week goes on Bitcoin continues to recover settling this weekend above $11500. Second, we highlight the Top 5 Currency's to watch this week by Cointelegraph. And thirdly we discuss the article by Zero Hedge titled: The US announces action against many China Software Companies. Example Tik Tok.
I apologize for posting the episode late this week. After …

Theta Network Generous Early Bird Rewards

After long anticipation, today I joined the Theta Network Platform after stumbling on a lucky referral link on Twitter. Living in the US I sadly distanced myself from the project after selling my small share of Theta tokens as regulations restricted the Theta trade last year. Although I strongly believed Theta was going to launch and become one of the strong first players in decentralized content delivery platforms, I simply had forgotten about it. So happy to be reminded and glad I joined into the platform early enough to grab some generous t-fuel sign up rewards as well as fun daily prizes. Let me tell you all about it in this article as well as show you my first impression of the site in the video below.

I will start by explaining a bit about the Theta network and what the platform and app are about. Theta is a next-generation, peer-to-peer, decentralized video delivery network powered by its users. On Theta viewers can watch a variety of streamed content and get rewarded in T-fuel for doing so. Imagine going on Netflix, watching a movie, and instead of paying to watch the streamed content, you get rewarded with cryptocurrencies? Yep, Theta is a whole new level of experience in the making and from what I see they are truly trying to do a good job. 

One of the significant differences that I noticed about the Theta platform when comparing to other decentralized video platforms such a, D-Live, and is the speed of its streams, the large variety of exclusive quality content, endorsements and partnerships, and of course a very intuitive layout and design. One of its downsides I instantly noticed is that the platform is stream only, at least for now, and unfortunately it posses stream limitations and requires central approval to become a streamer which causes some degree of restriction. Another issue is that tokens cannot be withdrawn directly from as they are only redeemable for prizes.

Overall my first impression as a viewer arriving in the Theta platform was quite nice and I was fairly impressed with the quality of the site. I was also super happy to receive many welcome rewards that I can later exchange for prizes, participate in giveaways, or simply use to tip other quality content creators. Loved the experience of opening the crate and checking my luck. Nice touch and top-notch design. Of course, I was expecting quality from Theta. If you look it up and do your research (which you should in all cases by the way)... there are big corporate giants behind Theta. Founders are pretty smart too. It's going to be crafted to be nice. Here is the reward page as an example

Although I navigate towards more organically developed blockchain projects such as, I do think there is value in joining Theta Platform or app fairly early. There is always an advantage of being an early bird when it comes to decentralized platforms and that is one of the main reasons I did not hesitate to check it out even though I am stretched for time. For now, I will hang in there as a viewer supporting some great creators that are already there and will try to learn about Theta in depth. At the moment, all I have is a good first impression, and know that there is a lot to learn about the complexity of Theta network blockchain to fully enjoy the experience.

And who knows... Maybe in the future, I will be inspired to stream. If you are present on and would like to connect you can find my profile on this link. If have not yet signed up for the Theta Platform feel free to use this invite link to join in and receive a special referral crate prize directly from Theta. Time to stack some t-fuel.

Once again thank you so much for following my blog and channel where I share my journey as I navigate the crypto world and thru many crypto-related platforms, apps, dapps, and protocols! Will make sure to keep you posted on my progress on Theta!

All my best,
Michelle M.
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