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The concept of Universal Income has become a huge topic in the year 2020. I first heard about it on Twitter, as a suggestion made by the presidential candidate Andrew Yang. The concept, which sounded interesting to me but a little progressive for my view then, soon started to sound pretty effective once the 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic hit. Countries all over the world had to speed up the process of getting money into people's hands and since then we have seen many central banks around the world talking about and even implementing digital currencies to facilitate the process of giving money to people in need. 
Universal income did not become a reality as of yet, but most people felt this year, what it was like to receive government "HELP" and that help, for now, was called stimulus. What if that help came from other sources? What if more fortunate people decide to help the less fortunate?
Let's imagine a program that is funded by the rich, one that generates interest, and on…

Litecoin (LTC) Fundamentals

Litecoin is an open source, peer to peer, decentralized, digital currency. A network controlled and maintained by its users. A cryptocurrency designed to enable fast, low cost and borderless value transfers.  

Litecoin was launched in 2011 and over the years it has proved to be one of the most reliable blockchain networks. Litecoin is also very similar to Bitcoin in code and development course, but have few key differences that makes it attractive to users and investors. One, Litecoin payments are faster than Bitcoin; and two Litecoin fees are cheaper than Bitcoin. 

Given its lasting popularity Litecoin has certainly earned the nickname "Digital Silver", while Bitcoin continues to shine as "Digital Gold". There are several aspects that personally attracted me to Litecoin, and over time learning the important facts about this digital currency became essential to me. Later summarizing it for others became a goal as well. In this slide I present to you the basic Litecoin Fundamentals. 

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