Mommin' It Monday - Catch up May 31st - Stream 44

Better late than never. The update may come a little late for those who did not get a chance to stop by our livestream on May 31st. But if you are curious about the important topics and headlines going arounds those days this is the stream you must watch as we cover every thing you need to know between May 24th and the 31st of 2020. It is here all recorded for you in a 30 minute compact episode of our Mommin' It Mondays Show.  Despite being super busy I hope I can continue to squeeze in this special show. I love it cause IT too keeps me UP TO DATE. Tudo de bom, Michelle M.

Ledger Nano X and Coin League 20% OFF promotions

It is always great when the opportunity of buying something we need at a discount arrises. And this time Ledger is partnering with Coin League competition, offering 20% Promo-codes which counts as a vote for their favorite cryptocurrency in the coin League competition. Wether you are simply in the market for a Ledger hardware wallet, or has a favorite cryptocurrency you would love to support, here are all the details regarding this Fun Event.

How to play?

Every coin that Ledger support on its hardware wallet is a Promo-code that can be found on the Ledger Coin League competition web site

1. Pick your favorite out of 79 Cryptocurrencies and copy the Promo-code provided
2. Purchase A Ledger Nano X with 20% off using Promo-code
3. Your Purchase Counts as a vote towards your favorite Cryptocurrency

Competition ends on July 16th 2020

Promo Code examples and Current Winner:

May the best Win, but anticipating that Bitcoin will take the number 1 spot. Curious to see who will take the second and third spot! The competition looks close.

Thank you for reading
LBRY Portugues:ãecrypto:a
LBRY English:



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