Exploring Liteverse.io: The first NFT marketplace on the Litecoin network with my first collection dedicated to the Mighty Mia Event #dancingforjoy + Quick Sign up and funding tutorial

As one true OG  Litecoin   enthusiast, I wanted to test the site, or better, the NFT marketplace  Liteverse.io  since its launch in 2022. At first, I claimed Litecoin Summit collectors NFT. But, for several reasons, the test of minting my first NFT got a bit delayed. But now I finally have the time and the need to make use of it for a larger cause. I am sad I procrastinated a little. As it would have been a great honor to be the first one to give it a try, but given my lack of technical skills to use just code to mint outside of a marketplace, waiting was a great idea since the site is super user-friendly and it's quality has improved considerably. I would say Liteverse.io is ready for the mainstream. Minting on it or acquiring an NFT on the Litecoin network is now a Piece of cake! In this article I will describe my experience, the reason why my first series of NFTs was created, and most importantly the advantages and disadvantages of creating an nft (Non-fungible Token) or an nft

PixelChain - How to create pixel art on the blockchain NFT OpenSea

PixelChain.art is a fun decentralized Dapp that allows users to create an original 32x32 pixel art and store it completely on the blockchain. It is fairly simple to start creating unique pieces pixel art and eventually sell it on the OpenSea NFT Market platform. It is all integrated and intuitive to use. In this write up I describe my initial experience with art on the blockchain, my initial experience on PixelChain platform, share few tips on how to get started as well as interesting facts about this new decentralized platform.

How did I stumbled upon PixelChain?

If you read my blog regularly you probably know that there are two thinks I am fascinated about: One is ART and the other is BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY. Not too long ago I realized that these two passions, or better worlds, started to merge.

Initially, I noticed projects such as CREARY a decentralized platform that allows artists to record existing art into the blockchain. By using Creary artists can claim and specify ownership of their physical or digital art pieces also allowing the art to be showcased and tipped by users and curators of the Creary Platform. in addition, on Creary, artists can commercialize their art pieces by offering downloads which is also a nice feature for creators.

Recently I started to notice another wave of development when it comes to ART and collectibles in the blockchain. And that is the arrival of NFT (Non Fungible Token) technology. Apps such as Pixelchain.art and marketplaces such as OpenSea are finally available for those who decide to create, store, collect and sell their digital art pieces 100% on the blockchain and that is truly incredible. 

With PixelChain anyone is able to mint their our own ERC-712 NFT token with their Unique Image encoded into it providing digital ownership, scarcity and interoperability to each single piece of pixel art created. That is super cool! To take things to another level, artists can use the OpenSea marketplace to directly sell the NFT tokens, or better the original pieces of art,  to the end consumer. 

Below is an example of a cool piece of Pixel Art available for sale at OpenSea. Direct Link

I personally started out collecting amazing pieces from few great artists on Twitter and OpenSea marketplace. And mistakenly thought it was super complicated to get started. But in the last few days I got tempted to give it a try and dove right into Pixelchain, given its simplicity and started my attempt to create my own piece of Digital Pixel ART.  Happy that I was able to accomplish my goal and generate my own NFT. Despite few hiccups the mission is accomplished and here is piece number ONE!  

So... How to get started with PixelChain?

Starting with PixelChain is fairly simple and intuitive and there is no need to create an account or give your personal information. The first thing PixelChain encourages the user to do, as we arrive into the homepage or app, is to use the editor and play with the colors and the features of the site while creating the first pixel ART.

The Second action the platform encourages the user to do is to click on the Save button and save the creation onto the Ethereum blockchain. This step is fairly simple for those who already have a Metamask Wallet Extension functioning in their browsers but may be an intricate step for those who are not familiar with Metamask Ethereum Wallet. If you are not familiar with Metamask I strongly recommend learning it before diving in. 

As of the date of this publication Pixelchain artwork can only be saved on a Metamask ETH Wallet and my best recommendation would be to safely download a Metamask Wallet browser extension as you reach this step. I wish I had done that as it would have saved me some trouble.

I personally had a hiccup when I tried to use a ETH Trust wallet address to save the PixelChain art and was unable to do so. Please note that even tough Trust Wallet does integrates with OpenSea marketplace when using wallet connect, it does integrate with PixelChain saving feature so if you already have another wallet integrated into your OpenSea Market account you may want to replace it with a Metamask Wallet address or create a separate Pixelchain account. 

Once the Metamask Wallet has synced with Pixelchain, it is then possible to approve the ethereum gas fees and contract fees, and complete the transaction. Once the transaction is complete the artwork is saved and basically recorded into the Ethereum blockchain Forever. The creator has total ownership of the piece as long as he controls the security of the wallet in which the art work is saved. Please make sure to learn all the steps regarding securing your Crypto Wallet in order to be safe. 

It is true that this digital piece art, such as the ONE I created, will not take a physical form unless I print it! But the whole work that was placed into creating it has been decoded in to its contract that preserves its existence. For every NFT created on Pixelchain a Decoder ID is generated revealing 4 details of each unique artwork: The artwork title, the artist wallet address, the pixel bytes data, and the color palette giving each piece a unique quality and signature. 

Decoder ID Example: Direct Link

With NFT and Art anything is possible... And I am impressed to learn that is fairly easy to create, transfer, sell or even distribute items using the blockchain. Truly the beginning of so many possibilities to come.

In this Video I cover the same details above while navigating the PixelChain Platform and showcasing its features. Hopefully it can help you figure out the ins and outs of the site.  

Few Curious Facts About PixelChain  
Data provided by PixelChain on Jun 26th 2020

Volume: 166.71 ETH down 33% compared to Previous Week 
Average Price of NFT: 0.23 ETH
Number of items in collection: 2558
Most Valued Artwork Sold:  Pixel Piece for 3 ETH

The Final Note

Overall I think that PixelChain is a simple and creative app that allows artists to grasp the possibilities of NFT technology while at the same time allowing blockchain specialists to grasps the possibilities of Art. It is two world merging together harmoniously while proving  the amazing functionality of digital currencies such as Ethereum with its smart contract capabilities. Basically showcasing the magic powers of the blockchain itself. Personally I am in LOVE. 

Thank you for the read!
All my best, 
Michelle M.
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Exploring Liteverse.io: The first NFT marketplace on the Litecoin network with my first collection dedicated to the Mighty Mia Event #dancingforjoy + Quick Sign up and funding tutorial


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