Weekly Blockchain News with Mammycrypto Nov, 28th 2020

Hope you had a wonderful Thanks Giving holiday, as many of us in the USA stopped for a moment to be thankful for all the blessings we still have. As a family, I would say that crypto in general has been a blessing and does give us hope for a better future. This holiday week, the crypto markets have experienced a strong correction with Bitcoin and most alt-coins taking a much-anticipated dip. A correction that many traders and chart analysts were expecting, but one that I believe was driven by some unexpected news that came out this week. The articles below are handpicked for you, one article to read for each day of the week. They will help you understand the environment we are in and some of the catalyst topics that are certainly contributing to the market movement. Check out the Major headlines in the quick 3-minute video below. Also, access each article provided in the video with the links below. I certainly recommend the read. Sunday, Nov 22nd 2020:   Ethereum 2.0 to boost DeFi but

How to Claim Your first LBRY Reward

LBRY IS a decentralized video platform that is disrupting its competitors such as Youtube. "Did you know you can earn LBC through the LBRY Rewards program just for watching sweet content and doing other simple actions? If not, today is your lucky day!" 

Watch the video below to learn all the steps to get started.

In addition to the welcome and other fun one-time rewards, LBRY also offers a daily reward for watching content you love - so make sure to check back often to keep earning! I am personally excited I finally joined in.
Also note that LBC rewards can be used to buy content on the LBRY network, to tip content creators, or to publish yourself. Tipping creators also helps creators become discovered on LBRY by boosting their relevance in results. This means the more staked within the content the more views as well so if you are looking to build up a channel all rewards are always welcome.
Please note that for some locations a verification is required for withdrawn of the funds. Please make sure to check all details within the LBRY platform and check out the regulations for your area before sign up.
If you decide to join in, please support my channel by using my referral linkand know that by doing so you are supporting this channel with few LBC tokens at no cost to you.

Hope you enjoyed the video and if so make sure to subscribe to my LBRY channel!
All my best,
Michelle M.
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