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It is pivotal to be on top of the major crypto news and be on top of our game, especially in the next upcoming weeks. Since Paypal recently announced its dive into the crypto realms, the markets have reacted positively to the news leading to a break in resistance and ending the week with Bitcoin stabilizing above $13,000. Let's see how many days we can stay above it or if Bitcoin is heading for a major take-off and how it will react to the US upcoming election results.
If you follow my blog, you are probably up to date. I am very passionate about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology and spend a lot of my time researching the most current topics on social media and crypto headlines around the world. In this weekly article, I make sure to curate the most significant ones for you.
Below are a video and a list of headlines and topics that I picked for this week ending on Halloween, Saturday, October 31th 2020. Hope you enjoy this quick summary and please use the links below to acc…

Top 5 Bitcoin Halving Promos - Exciting deals celebrating the 2020 Halving

The Bitcoin Halving just happened today, May 11th 2020. And to celebrate this historical event many crypto enterprises are offering great promos on their products and services. Whether you are shopping for a secure hardware wallet or looking to sign up into a new exchange... this might be a great time given all the excitement evolving around Bitcoin. I made sure to go around social media and tried by best to high-light the TOP 5 Bitcoin Halving Deals. Hope you enjoy this cool selection!

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost to you. I will earn a small commission if you click through and make a purchase. 

1.  If you are on the market for a Safe Hardware Wallet, now it is a great time to shop for a Ledger Nano X or Nano S as Ledger decided to "Halve" its prices too, for the occasion. To take advantage of this great 50% off deal use discount code: WEARETHEBULLRUN

2.  Celsius Network is a platform that enables users to earn interest on crypto and also borrow against it at competitive rates. In celebration of the Bitcoin halving Celsius Network is offering A $50 Crypto bonus when a user gets a loan by May 12th 2020. To take advantage of this deal use Promo code: HALFBTC

3. Trezor hardware wallet is doubling down for the halving celebration and that is great news if you a shopping for a hardware wallet. Buy a model T Trezor hardware wallet and receive a FREE Trezor One as a back up or to be gifted. Yep 2 hardware wallets for the price of 1! No promo codes needed as promotion is already automated on the Trezor web site. 

4. Crypto exchanges are also pumping up their sign up bonus. While Coinbase continues to offer a $10 bonus for anyone who signs up and trades $100 in crypto currencies, some exchanges like Bitflyer are pumping the bonus up during the Halving celebration and offering as much as $25 after $100 trade. and that's great if you are looking to stack sats.

5. Hey if you ever wanted that cool pair of crypto socks... Today is your day. In celebration of the Bitcoin Halving kryptoez.com is offering 50% off across the site for 24 hours after the Bitcoin Halving. Their designs are awesome!

Hope you enjoyed the Top 5 Bitcoin Halving Promotions that I encountered during the Halving Celebration. Please note that some deals will last longer than others and by the time you are reading this article they may have expired. Make sure to read all the details regarding each promotion on their specific sites. I made sure to include links to each site so you can easily access each promotion.

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