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I am going to admit that my recent YouTube ban got me feeling a little down... and wondering if it is worth to put energy into recording videos again. I fell sad for the hours of work lost but most importantly for losing all the great friendships and connections that I had made with other YouTuber users. All gone, in a matter of seconds, with a click of a button that was completely out of my control. I certainly wished I had made the move to LBRY a lot sooner!

SAD REALITY IS... as recorded on Cointelegraph
In my case, timing was everything. My strikes happened when I was on vacation, not very alert to my email communications and by the time I was back from vacation I had no access to to uploads anymore. My account was simply gone leaving me no option to appeal. I could have tried to rescue my account a little harder. But once this happened I lost my TRUST in YOUTUBE, and no longer saw it as a safe outlet for my content. It was truly irrelevant for me to even try.
After being censored on …

Litecoin and Atari Announced Partnership

I am always excited when Litecoin has an Announcement, and today the Litecoin Foundation blew my mind when they revealed the news of their partnership with ATARI. If you are a child of the 80's, you not only remember this pioneer Game Console (yep the original) but you are probably super excited for its come back. 

Looking back now, we know that ATARI was the start of a coding revolution and it is nice to see it coming back embracing the Blockchain Revolution. Nice merge!

The Partnership

Atari has announced that it will start accepting Litecoin as a means of payment for its much anticipated VCS game system. Buyers who choose to pay with Litecoin will also receive a discount on the new console.

Atari will also accept Litecoin as payment for their upcoming Atari Token which can be used to play games and to compete with other players. According to Litecoin Foundation "The partnership between Atari and the Litecoin Foundation will extend into multiple areas, to include the use of Litecoin across gaming platforms within the Atari ecosystem, along with other potential ventures, such as joint merchandising."

The new Atari console:  

"The VCS is Atari’s all-new PC/console hybrid, that will allow users to not only play hundreds of modern and classic video games and stream 4K video, but also allow users to create and upload their own games and apps for others to enjoy." It is truly magical to imagine the future of gaming and the ramification of these new features. It is all about gaming, streaming and connecting like never before!

The next wave of adoption:

As I see technology companies such as Atari, fully integrating blockchain technology  into their platforms, products and ecosystem I start to foresee how cryptocurrencies will become popular, or at least seamless in the near future. People will finally be able to make use of it without having to understand its core. Navigating blockchains and exchanging cryptocurrencies  for example could become much more of an intuitive task than investment game as companies like Atari utilize it. 

When Atari Token?
According to Atari Chain Ltd,  "a subsidiary of Atari SA, created to lead the development of ongoing projects in the field of cryptocurrencies in entertainment-based industries. The Atari Token, currently slated to launch by September of 2020"
To Learn more and pre-order the Atari VCS visit
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