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É hora de se atualizar sobre as principais manchetes de criptomoedas da semana, mas antes disso, vamos refletir. Existe algo positivo sobre o "Bear Market" (Mercado de urso)? Vejo muitas coisas positivas. É válido dizer que o preço caiu, mas a tecnologia não. Continua a evoluir e a trazer inovações que permitirão que esta indústria cresça ainda mais. Na extremidade inferior, os projetos que não são viáveis ​​desaparecem e o mercado seca, deixando apenas projetos viáveis ​​com potencial de crescimento futuro. O desenvolvimento não para. Ele continua e o que se desenvolve durante a recessão é o que gerará os novos hypes do futuro. Vejamos um exemplo, 2018 e 2019 enquanto o mercado corrigia várias tendências surgiram: 1. Fortalecendo a rede Lightning e desenvolvendo produtos e aplicativos que usam Lightning como forma de pagamento. 2. O nascimento das finanças descentralizadas Defi, ex: Uniswap. 3. A tecnologia NFT é levada a outros níveis com a chegada dos marketplaces. 4. Evol

Creative Passive Income for Mom's

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost to you. I will earn a small commission if you click through and make a purchase. 

While 2020 has certainly been a hectic year for all of us I am trying my best to keep positive and build something! It is not easy to stay home, specially if you are a mom trying to work or find a new job while homeschooling at the same time. But we are strong, creative and we will make it thru it. 

During my breaks, my well deserved little breaks, I try to be resourceful by building myself a passive income stream online. I am not looking to be rich out of this effort but hopefully, on the long run, free up my time for family, friends and hobbies. And as I spend energy discovering the wonders of online marketing the more I see the results trickling in.

There are several ways to save money and EARN a passive income online. In this article I will describe few methods and platforms that I use consistently. 

1. Create and Sell Design thru Zazzle

I have used Zazzle to create few designs many years ago, and was always amazed to see few designs selling again and again over the course of time. The few minutes I spent 10 years back is amazingly still generating a passive income for me today. 

It is true that not every Zazzle design sells, but after going online and reading few success stories by six figures sellers such as Violet & Pine and Yampuff's Stuff I noticed it is possible to make a decent income on Zazzle. And with that hope in mind I decided to revamp my Zazzle stores and create some fresh new designs. You can visit my store here

Zazzle is really fun, intuitive and free to try. One does not need to be super talented to create a design that stands outs. It is all about being original and expressing your creativity thru pictures, arts and graphics or a mixture of them all. Totally up to you and with the freedom of loading as many designs as you would like simply for FREE.

Sign up using my referral link and receive:  the fabulous deal of 60% Off Cards + 20% Off All Other Products on their first order of $25 or more.

2. Writing

If you are a talented writer but lack the skills or consistency to start your own publication or blog you can start earning a passive income by showcasing your articles on paying sites. Some publishing sites either charge a subscription from its readers, others encourage readers to tip content creators. Getting paid directly for writing rather than displaying content ads is a fairly new concept, but is one that is becoming popular among internet authors looking for a good source of passive income.

 According to Medium Earnings Report: "as of April 2020: $12,797.13 is the highest amount earned for a single story. $28,622.44 is the highest amount earned by a single author. And 5.4% is the percentage of active writers who earned over $100." Imagine making $12000 in one month for writing one single article! That's a fantastic passive income and that is why my content is present in Medium as well as few other publishing platforms such as Publish0x and Steem-it. I am trying to create great content while at the same time build a following that will enjoy it over the course of time. 

3. Browsing

Nowadays companies and platforms are trying their best to reward users for their attention and loyalty. And there are several ways we can create a passive income for tasks we were already perform. Browsing on the internet is one of them. 

We always thought that it was nice that we can actually browse the internet freely, at no cost, but we failed to realize that companies were making money as we browsed, by displaying ads and tracking our information. What if these ads were automatically blocked and you actually earned money for viewing them? Imagine earning a passive income simply by browsing? Well that is already possible with Brave Browser. I personally have been using the Brave Browser for 1 year and have earned on average $10 per month thru ad views.

Sign up using my referral link and receive a $5 credit upon Installation. Make sure to adjust your setting to receive ads and open up a new passive income stream that will last as long as you use the Brave Browser. For more details about the Brave rewards program visit my previous article What is Brave. Brave works for both computer and smartphone! YAY.

4. Couponing 

While couponing used to be a time consuming task, these days earning cash back on money spend is as passive as it can be with the help of applications such as I-botta. buyers can now earn money back automatically at major grocery stores and retailers and the process is completely automated when purchasing directly from the app or once you link your favorite club cards. Over the course of 6 months using the app I have already saved over $100 and I am so happy that this money is coming back to my family. These days anything counts!

Sign up for i-botta using my referral link and earn the $20 welcome bonus. Referral code: dpdhdhu

Final Note

Hope you enjoyed my top creative passive income ideas for mom's. Also hope this article inspires you to find create aways to complement your income. My opinions are drawn from many articles I have read in the passed as well as my own experience. Know that the journey towards that goal can be long for some and quite fast for others. Try to make your own experience pleasurable and fun. In order to achieve success it is important to be persistent, resilient and to believe you are on the right path. As long as your actions are consistent with your goals... you should be fine. Take your time to heal, build and be resourceful!

All my best,
Michelle M.



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