Publish0x Introduces Ethereum Tips for readers and content creators

Publish0x recently introduced Ethereum (ETH) rewards for both readers and publishers of the platform.
If you follow the blog you probably know that I have been repurposing and monetizing my articles on the Publish0x Platform for close to two years now. And, I have seen this emerging blogging platform grow steadily, from a few thousand registered users to one hundred thousand users and growing. 
Over time, this crypto agnostic Publishing platform has established itself as of the favorite spots for crypto content creators, cryptocurrency projects, and enterprises to share their view, their knowledge, and their services within the crypto space and get rewarded for doing so daily. 
Many content creators, including me, have managed to build a strong following and consistently noticed that readers on the Publish0x platform are not only engaging but often come back for more content and more rewards. Because on Publish0x, both publishers and readers get a chance rewarded in c…

A post for mom's... Today is our day and I wish you a fabulous one!

Yep, this blog is all about Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology. And although the topic of the moment is the upcoming Bitcoin halving... Let's STOP and take a moment to celebrate Mother's Day. 

If you are a mom, like me, struggling to navigate this crazy year of 2020, I am here to wish you a fabulous day. Even if that means that you have to grab a glass of wine and lock yourself in the bathroom for few minutes of quality ALONE time (my plan!). Today is your day... make it simple but fabulous!

Also if you are reading this I can already tell YOU ARE SPECIAL! You are the gal I want to hang out with. Not only because you are an incredible mom but also because you are way ahead of the game. As a mommy I am out there, at least I was before the Corona Virus hit, and blockchain/bitcoin is not a subject often discussed by ladies at the park, or at a kid's birthday party... and sometimes we just wish it was. Finding each other is a must, and I would be in the corner with you chatting away about so many interesting things. Many conversations that evolve around our wonderful kids but also ones that can also reshape the world they live in. Keep doing the good work!




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